getting married
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We caught the bouquet together, and we are now getting married!

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it to happen; you have to be prepared for it. Dupe found love when she was not exactly searching, and now she’s getting married. Enjoy her story.

Talking about serendipity, I didn’t fully understand what it meant until my friend was getting married. Titi was my best friend since childhood; we were like sisters, and attended the same schools from elementary to tertiary education. The only thing we did not share were undies, and men. lol. But fate would have us find love from one another.

I had relocated to Ibadan for work, but Titi’s wedding was compulsory for me. Despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday, I made sure I closed early in order to make the wedding. At that point in my life, I had gone through three failed relationships, and they hurt so bad that I lost interest in relationships, and weddings had become my least favourite event to attend. Regardless, I had to be there for my best friend. It was bad enough that I couldn’t be there to be her Chief Bridesmaid, but totally failing to show up for the wedding would have made a total wreck of our friendship.

I got to the wedding reception quite late; the event was nearing its end, and I had to quickly find a seat in order not to get noticed that I had come late. The M.C announced that it was time for bouquet toss, and called out to single ladies in the audience to come out. I was moved to go, because I wanted Titi to see me, and know that I made it to the event afterall. I didn’t plan to catch anything.


I stood there along with three others (apparently most of the ladies in the event were either married or totally uninterested in getting married, like me). I exchanged friendly giggles with Titi who was looking very beautiful. The bouquet was tossed, and it felt like it was coming at me directly. I was poised to dodge it and allow someone else catch it, but in the last minute, I changed my mind in order not to make the whole event awkward (what would be my reason for coming out if I knew I was going to dodge anyway) so I raised my arms to catch it, but it was too late.

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getting married

The bouquet dropped to the floor and rolled to HIS feet!

I followed it quickly to pick, and we both got our hands on it. That was when I looked up to his smiling cute face. I managed a smile and said ‘Thank You’ before joining in the rest of the fanfare.

I was not surprised when he tapped me on the shoulder sometime after the wedding reception. We got talking, exchanged contacts and became friends. Despite the fact that I didn’t want a relationship, I couldn’t help it. He was sweet, and different from all the guys I had dated.

We will be getting married in exactly one year after Titi’s wedding and I have her to thank for that.

Our fates are intertwined afterall, isn’t it?


Modupe, G.


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