Wedding Bells

5 things that will help you succeed in your best man duties!

Best man duties

Being the Best Man at your best friend or brother’s wedding can be a great honour because it’s you that the groom thought of giving the maximum responsibility to and that means a lot. Since ...

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How to successfully plan a small wedding

plan a small wedding - planning a small wedding

Wedding is a big deal, that’s the truth. But being a big deal doesn’t necessarily mean you must spend big. You can successfully plan a small wedding and still have a great time with your ...

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Pre-Wedding Pictures that will either make you laugh or cry

Pre-Wedding Photos

There is a very high chance that you clicked this link to see the Pre-Wedding pictures with the potential to make you cry. You are probably asking “why should anyone’s Pre-Wedding pictures make me cry?” ...

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People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

People you should NEVER invite to your wedding

There are some people who are invited to weddings that never should have been. I usually learn about it from guests’ gossip during the wedding weekend or seeing it for myself. In any case, I ...

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Wedding Flower ideas that fit every bride, and for every season

Wedding Flower Ideas

Can you separate a wedding and flowers? I bet you already know the answer to that question. Wedding flowers are sacred to the entire look of the wedding and the bride (and her bouquet). Bouquets ...

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Biggest mistakes grooms make in their weddings

mistakes grooms make

Wedding is important for the bride as much as it is for the groom, but on countless occasions we have seen certain mistakes grooms make with etiquette in their weddings. These mistakes are what we have ...

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Origin of bridal showers

origin of bridal showers

Bridal shower is a common event (or custom) that usually precedes the wedding. A lot of brides look forward to this event, but hardly do they know or care about the origin of bridal showers. ...

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Wedding colours and their meanings

wedding colours

Today, I decided to write about wedding colours. I see a lot of colours flying about at weddings today; some of them are really nice, while others are just tacky. There are underlying meanings to ...

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Important steps to keeping fit for your wedding

keep fit

For the sake of the stress you will inevitably pass through on your wedding, you need to keep fit. Here are important steps you must take in keeping fit for your wedding. Every bride wants ...

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INTRODUCTION ceremony in Nigeria; the wedding before the wedding


I almost fell for the “First of all…introduction” trap. However, my will-to had no choice but to succumb to my will-not-to. The months leading up to the wedding are lined with a lot of fun ...

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