Why do guys always use me as the ‘Backup Plan’?

backup plan

If you ask me, I’m beginning to think it’s possible that some people are just never meant to be married or have stable long-term relationships? It seems there is really no guy out there who ...

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He doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend, but I love him

He won’t leave his girlfriend, but I can’t walk away. I feel trapped with a man who can’t decide if he wants to be in a relationship with me or not.  When we met five months ...

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Is this conversation enough for a break up?

“This man is just ridiculous! His wife cheated on him with his best friend and he’s still thinking of what to do,” Nathan muttered as the movie played. He was in the cinema with Juliet, ...

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My family is finding it hard to forgive my cheating wife

cheating wife

My wife of 4 years started having emotional troubles 1 years ago. One day, when she was asleep after staying overnight “with a friend”, her phone beeped with a text, so I checked it. I found ...

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I am in love with two women, and I want to marry both

two women

Help this fellow with your kind advice, blunt or not, only you are not allowed to judge. Just your candid advice. Thank you. I am in steady relationship and we are expecting our first child ...

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My EX is getting married, but I won’t let because I still love him


  I just heard that my ex is getting married. We split up two years ago. He ended it and I was broken. I thought I’d moved on but this has shown me I haven’t. ...

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I want to see my first love but my BF won’t let me

first love

I fell in love with my best friend in school. He happens to be my first love. Our relationship was a lost cause because we had different sexual orientations. He “experimented” with me, but had ...

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My husband makes me feel worthless


If I had known, I probably would have remained single. I dont know how men feel, but right now I am glad I am not a man. Even if I were a man, I would ...

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I love him, but I think he only wants sex

all he wants is sex

I’ve been seeing this guy for about 8 months now. We started out with a very casual relationship. We would hang out and we would have sex. That’s it. It was fun at first but ...

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