Why do university relationships rarely get to marriage?

University Relationships

Our vox-pop category today takes a look back to where most people began their first ever foray into love and relationships – school, especially in the university. According to a recent survey, 7 out of ...

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My ex bought me a car for my birthday, should I accept it?

car for my birthday

Today, we are treating a mail we received from a reader who wants our opinion on the issue stated in the subject of this article. It’s straight and simple, if I get a car for ...

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Can you marry a man eighteen years older than you?

marry a man eighteen years older

Ladies, come out here and let’s have a round table discourse. I hear women say a lot about their desire to marry men who are at least a few years older than them. For some, ...

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My BF is lazy, he never does anything!

lazy boyfriend

Today, we revisit our mails, and we had to feature this mail we got from a friend all the way from Oklahoma City. She wants our sincere advise on how to deal with her lazy ...

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My BF loves his ‘HOBBY’ than he loves me.


Back on this segment this week, and we are still in that season when we attend to the mails we have received from readers. We purposely brought this out because we realized most of us ...

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My GF is doing better in her career than me, and it’s scary.

My GF is doing better in her career

This week, we are looking at another letter (seems we are in that era), and it’s from another reader who is having major concerns about how well his Girlfriend is doing with her career and ...

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Why do ladies remain in abusive relationships?

why ladies remain in abusive relationships

In this week’s social pulse, we are featuring a beautiful and charismatic social commentator, Princess Ada Ejem as she bares her thoughts on the issue of Abusive Relationships. Reacting to a story shared by a mystery ...

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break up or patch up

On this segment today, we are looking at one of the mails we received recently from a reader. She gave us the permission to share this publicly, so we decided to ask your honest and ...

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Do you need permission to answer your partner’s call?


This week’s opinion poll is an offshoot of the popular argument about what is wrong or right about partners looking/snooping into each other’s phones. All thanks to Olanrewaju Olubukola ‘Ozone’ who cast a new upon ...

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Can you marry a man who plaits his hair?

A man who plaits his hair

As usual, we are drawing our vox-pop session from Olubunmi Mabel’s timeline, and this week she is asking yet another interesting question. It is more tilted towards the ladies, but the guys are not left ...

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