Should I tell my sister that her husband is cheating?

cheating husband

To tell the truth, and tear the family apart OR to keep quiet and keep the family together? Will keeping quiet really keep the family together? Should I tell my sister that her husband is ...

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Who is to blame for RAPE: The Raped or the Rapist?

Rape and the blame game

Today, we are examining RAPE and the BLAME GAME. Who really should be blamed when rape happens; either to a man or woman. Are rape victims to be blamed for their predicament, should the blame ...

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How often should you say ‘I LOVE YOU’?

How often should you say 'I LOVE YOU'

The first time you utter the words to someone, you feel as if you’ve swallowed a mixed cocktail of muddled emotions: excitement, nervousness, joy, fear. After all, those are three powerful, potentially life-changing little words. ...

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Is it right to publicly declare your virginity?


This week’s opinion poll is for Virgins and non-virgins alike. You have a chance to lend your voice to this. Olubunmi Mabel has something to share, and she is asking if there is anything prideful ...

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Does my mother in law have a say over what I wear on my wedding?

Mother in law

Hi Glowvillans!! It’s Cynthia Omo again… Yea, it’s been a while since my first post. I know and I’m really sorry about that… A big thank you to all those who read, commented on and ...

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I Don’t Love Her, But She Is Carrying My Baby

I don't love her but she is carrying my baby

A friend of the blog from Abuja needs our help to help him solve a dicey situation. I am trusting you guys to be able to give him a sincere advise without being judgmental. The ...

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Is it natural to prefer Mothers over Fathers?

prefer Mothers over Fathers

As always, we draw the inspiration of our opinion poll from the indefatigable Olubunmi Mabel, and on today’s session, she is asking the question: “Is it natural for children to prefer mothers over fathers?” We ...

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Why Do Guys Never Truly Love Me?

truly love

This weekend, after 18 months together, my boyfriend told me that he cared very deeply for me and that we had the best partnership he’d ever experienced, but he did not love me because there ...

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I can’t seem to forgive my BF for giving his first kiss to another lady

He gave his first kiss to another lady

The first ‘Share & Care’ post for this year is somewhat amusing and serious at the same time. You can decide where to stand on this one, but bear in mind that these things happen ...

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My Girlfriend Reports Me To Her Parents; Can I Quit?

My girlfriend reports me

This week, we are treating a mail we received from a friend. He needs a friendly advice from us on how to handle a sensitive issue and he is counting on us to help him ...

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