Why do ladies remain in abusive relationships?

why ladies remain in abusive relationships

In this week’s social pulse, we are featuring a beautiful and charismatic social commentator, Princess Ada Ejem as she bares her thoughts on the issue of Abusive Relationships. Reacting to a story shared by a mystery ...

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break up or patch up

On this segment today, we are looking at one of the mails we received recently from a reader. She gave us the permission to share this publicly, so we decided to ask your honest and ...

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Do you need permission to answer your partner’s call?


This week’s opinion poll is an offshoot of the popular argument about what is wrong or right about partners looking/snooping into each other’s phones. All thanks to Olanrewaju Olubukola ‘Ozone’ who cast a new upon ...

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Can you marry a man who plaits his hair?

A man who plaits his hair

As usual, we are drawing our vox-pop session from Olubunmi Mabel’s timeline, and this week she is asking yet another interesting question. It is more tilted towards the ladies, but the guys are not left ...

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Should I tell my sister that her husband is cheating?

cheating husband

To tell the truth, and tear the family apart OR to keep quiet and keep the family together? Will keeping quiet really keep the family together? Should I tell my sister that her husband is ...

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Who is to blame for RAPE: The Raped or the Rapist?

Rape and the blame game

Today, we are examining RAPE and the BLAME GAME. Who really should be blamed when rape happens; either to a man or woman. Are rape victims to be blamed for their predicament, should the blame ...

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How often should you say ‘I LOVE YOU’?

How often should you say 'I LOVE YOU'

The first time you utter the words to someone, you feel as if you’ve swallowed a mixed cocktail of muddled emotions: excitement, nervousness, joy, fear. After all, those are three powerful, potentially life-changing little words. ...

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Does my mother in law have a say over what I wear on my wedding?

Mother in law

Hi Glowvillans!! It’s Cynthia Omo again… Yea, it’s been a while since my first post. I know and I’m really sorry about that… A big thank you to all those who read, commented on and ...

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Drawing your partner’s name as tattoo on your body; good or bad idea?


Tattoos have existed since the days of our great grand parents, and they were not only meant for fashion, but also were a part of our culture (so to speak). Tattoo has been revolutionized in ...

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I Don’t Love Her, But She Is Carrying My Baby

I don't love her but she is carrying my baby

A friend of the blog from Abuja needs our help to help him solve a dicey situation. I am trusting you guys to be able to give him a sincere advise without being judgmental. The ...

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