Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

The topic of Same Sex Marriage has become a global debate between two factions; those who support gay rights and those who don’t. This article however attempts to project some arguments against Same Sex Marriage. ...

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Can I trust and marry a man that has cheated before?


The feeling I get when I see couples together, holding hands, kissing and sharing happy moment; it’s a second-to-none feeling I daily wish to experience. To imagine myself in all those romantic, adventurous positions, been ...

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Is it right to go on a date with another person when you are in a relationship?

go on a date with another

Our Opinion Poll category returns after a short hiatus. This time, we have returned with a new angel; her name is Amiife, and she will be with us for a while in this category. Making ...

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I can’t trust my wife, now that I know of her sexual past

trust and gossip glowville.net

I am troubled by my wife’s sexual past. I recently found out through a mutual friend who knew her before I met her that my wife had been a “bit of a groupie” and had ...

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Why Do Women Nag?

why do women nag

Why do women nag? I woke up with this question on my mind, and I determined to find answers to it. Nagging is that age-old art of bugging — gently reminding — someone to do ...

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Social Networking or a Healthy Relationship: which is dispensable?

social networking and relationships

Back to our VoxPop category this week and I am excited once again. I usually have a special excitement for this category of the blog because I get to see and gauge different perspectives to ...

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My boss shows interest in me, but he’s married to a good wife

my boss shows interest in me

In our Voxpop category this week, we will be treating a mail we received from one of our readers. This lady wrote to us in a state of dilemma. She wants our advice on what ...

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For how long should a lady wear an engagement ring before wedding?

engagement ring

The proposal is one event that most ladies fantasize about everyday. Some want it done in the grandest location or the most beautiful restaurant, others want it in a place that holds dear memories for ...

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Is it a DUTY or CHOICE for a wife to wash her husband’s clothes?

wash her husband's clothes

This is going to be really interesting, and I have Eketi Edima Ette to thank for raising this topic and gathering the hilarious yet enlightening comments. Our Opinion Poll category returns this week with a ...

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Weird things that confuse and annoy WOMEN about MEN

Things that confuse and annoy women about men

Last week a survey was published which revealed 50 things that baffled men about women. Ironically, most responses were from women who couldn’t grasp the actions of the men in their lives. And judging by the ...

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