Married Men or Women: who cheats more?

who cheats more

Cheating has become a recurrent issue in today’s relationship and a lot of people are still scratching their heads for solutions to the canker-worm eating deep into many relationships. Even marriages are not left out, ...

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Is it right to be jealous about a guy that has not asked me out?

Is it right to be jealous

IS IT RIGHT TO BE JEALOUS ABOUT HIM WHEN HE HAS NOT ASKED ME FOR A RELATIONSHIP? I’ve become very close to one of my course mates. We started hanging out alone, he would always ...

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Can I return his engagement ring after our relationship failed?

engagement ring

The relationship blossomed for a while, and the ball was set rolling for a bright future together. He proposed, you said an emphatic YES! and your joy knew no bounds. Alas! things suddenly went wrong ...

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What are the stupid reasons people get married?

stupid reasons people get married

On the vox-pop segment today, we are taking a look at different possible ‘stupid’ or unreasonable reasons people get married. We hope this will help a lot of people out there realize themselves and go ...

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Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

The topic of Same Sex Marriage has become a global debate between two factions; those who support gay rights and those who don’t. This article however attempts to project some arguments against Same Sex Marriage. ...

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Can I trust and marry a man that has cheated before?


The feeling I get when I see couples together, holding hands, kissing and sharing happy moment; it’s a second-to-none feeling I daily wish to experience. To imagine myself in all those romantic, adventurous positions, been ...

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Is it right to go on a date with another person when you are in a relationship?

go on a date with another

Our Opinion Poll category returns after a short hiatus. This time, we have returned with a new angel; her name is Amiife, and she will be with us for a while in this category. Making ...

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I can’t trust my wife, now that I know of her sexual past

trust and gossip glowville.net

I am troubled by my wife’s sexual past. I recently found out through a mutual friend who knew her before I met her that my wife had been a “bit of a groupie” and had ...

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Why Do Women Nag?

why do women nag

Why do women nag? I woke up with this question on my mind, and I determined to find answers to it. Nagging is that age-old art of bugging — gently reminding — someone to do ...

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Social Networking or a Healthy Relationship: which is dispensable?

social networking and relationships

Back to our VoxPop category this week and I am excited once again. I usually have a special excitement for this category of the blog because I get to see and gauge different perspectives to ...

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