His Money or His Care: Which will you go for?

His Money or His Care?

It’s not just a vox-pop or opinion poll this week, we are doing a ‘preference poll’. You are meant to just let us know your preference of the options set before you. The angelic Olubunmi ...

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Is anything wrong with a bride sponsoring the wedding?

bride sponsoring the wedding

Our Vox-Pop segment returns this week, and we aren’t dealing with letters today (I can hear a breath of relief from some of you right now, lol). This time, we are returning to the timeline ...

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Ridiculous stories about Nigerian tribes that affect relationships

Ridiculous stories about Nigerian Tribes

A friend, Chukwuba Chiluba made a post last year about ridiculous stories about tribes in Nigeria which then affect relationships; she had the Mbaise people in spotlight. She talked about how the Mbaise people are stereotyped as ...

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What AGE determines MARRIAGE for a man or lady?

What Age determines Marriage for a man or lady?

Someone sent this to our mail, and she needs your candid advice. I’m trusting you to help her out. Feel free to share your view in the comments box after reading. What Age determines Marriage ...

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How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

Let’s consider this: Your partner makes your day when he (using the male to represent both sexes) smiles and you love every minute you spend with him. The only flaw that he has is that ...

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Who should love more in a relationship; the man or the woman?

who should love more in a relationship

The question of who should love more in a relationship is one that will always divide opinion. Ask a newly married person, and they will likely tell you they are more in love with their ...

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Can I be ‘JUST FRIENDS’ with my EX?

just friends

Just as I began to feel satisfied and confident with my relationship-free self, guess who came back to throw a wrench in things and screw up my single girl life? My ex boyfriend, and one ...

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To Masturbate or Cheat; which would you rather do?

To cheat or to masturbate

This is going to be really controversial, but it is an issue we need to discuss as youths as a lot of people either cheat or masturbate. Mind you, the intent of this is not ...

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Make A Choice: The Full Housewife or The Working Wife?

full housewife

Today, we are not doing the usual ‘Opinion Poll’, we have decided to do something different and we call this a ‘Preference poll’. It is not just about your opinion, it is about your preference, ...

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Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well?

Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well

Errrmmmm. A lot of you guys will say I have come again, but this is becoming a trend among guys, and it’s now up for discussion, so we can all learn and probably straighten up. ...

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