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The story behind the origin of VALENTINE’S DAY celebration

origin of valentine's day

St. Valentine’s Day is the world’s day of celebrating love. Unlike Christmas which is the Christian’s day of celebrating the birth of Christ who symbolizes God’s love to humanity, Valentine’s Day Celebration is exclusively the ...

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Does Alabukun, 7up, Dry Gin and Lime work for Abortion?

Alabukun and Lime for abortion

This post became important because of the huge number of queries I received concerning the use of Alabukun and 7up or Alabukun and Lime for abortion or prevention of pregnancy. I did some digging by ...

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Are You A River Or A Reservoir?


In life, you are either blessed to be a blessing or you are blessed to be an ending! Some receive and flow to others like a conduit pipe and a hose giving what it has ...

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WHERE DO YOU STAND in The Categories of Dancers in Nigeria?

Categories of Dancers in Nigeria

ṢÁ TIRÉ A DIVE INTO THE NIGERIAN DANCE WORLD Dance in Nigeria is a vast industry breeding with lots of talent who have learnt home and abroad. Sometimes, you even wonder if we’re not too ...

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Engagement is not only for MEN! This is the role of Women.

I decided to pen this after I woke up this morning feeling so alive and thinking about my lovely and beautiful girlfriend whom I have been dating for 6 months now. There is indeed no doubt ...

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RACISM: the man who was made to live in a zoo

ota benga racism

In view of the recent killing of blacks in America, as well as the retaliatory attacks from blacks which ended up in the death of five policemen, I decided to share this little story from ...

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My ‘Anywhere bele face’ Relationship Advice

anywhere bele face

Many years ago, in the late 80s to 90s Festac Town, when kids still played outdoors in the many confined playgrounds, carparks, backyards and actually had fractured bones and wounds that squirt blood. Those years ...

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Captain America was shot in what part of Lagos?

captain america

The movie – Captain America is probably already old by now but hey, that’s when I get to see my movies, when everyone else already saw it and moved on.  What’s special about Captain America? ...

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How your Social Media Attitude can affect you in Reality

Social Media Attitude

Something happened to my friend a few weeks back. She lost a job opportunity because the intending employer did a quick background check on her through her social media accounts. What the employer found was ...

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Can you answer this tough Gordian Knot Question?

Gordian Knot Question

Saturday, May 14 was the birthday celebration of Olumide of GlowVille dot net, and as I’m sure you already know, if you were not in Pizzaville on that day; well you missed a lot. We ...

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