The inspiring story of the WALKING DEAD star

walking dead

Fans of The Walking Dead might not know who Moses J. Moseley is or who he played on The Walking Dead, but from the moment he appeared on the hit AMC show, he’s made a big ...

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A lesson of failure from a 9-yr-old boy

Malaki Paul failure to winning

When we go after our dreams it will not be easy.  It will be challenging. We will fall down. Get stopped and want to quit. If it were easy, everyone would have achieved their dreams. When ...

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In the end, it’s between you and God

You and God

Sometimes, you keep on wondering why certain things happen. You want to escape but you can’t. Something pulls you to the ground and makes you stumble. Your body frail, your eyes weeping, and your face ...

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The ex-bank robber who became America’s best jailhouse lawyer

Shon Robert Hopwood  is a law clerk and former jailhouse lawyer who served over eleven years in prison for five armed bank robberies. While in prison, he started spending time in the law library, and ...

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What CONFIDENCE does to a man of confidence


Confidence takes many forms, from the arrogance of Floyd Mayweather to the quiet self-assurance of Jane Goodall. True confidence—as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities—has a look all its own. ...

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INSPIRATIONAL: Crippled woman writes novel with her toes

You think your goals and ambitions are unrealistic? Let 21-year-old Hu Huiyuan convince you that you’re wrong. She suffers from cerebral palsy so severe she can only move her head and her left foot… and ...

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Do We Really Need Motivation To Do Anything?

We all need motivation to do things. That motivation can be internally driven, based on our values, priorities and the feelings or emotions that doing such an event will benefit us should we complete the ...

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A Lesson About WASTE

This is a short story. I hope you find meaning in it and learn from it.

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This Is What To Do When You Are TIRED Of Your Job

Sometimes, you get to a point at work where your motivation is completely depleted. But circumstances dictate that you can’t quit. So how do you keep going? There’s always a way. Much like most people, ...

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God Is Whistling

Someone asked a man, Do you think the biggest problem in the world is ignorance or apathy? The man replied, I don’t know and I don’t care. Plenty of individuals believe that about God. They ...

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