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7 avoidable reasons married people cheat

reasons married people cheat

Cheating is beyond a debate in our world of today, it has become almost accepted as a reality. Cheating is like a hydra – for every head you cut, there are seven more waiting to ...

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An open letter to the man with an overworked wife

overworked wife

This is more than a letter; it is a call to action, to reawaken the consciousness of every man who leaves the domestic job around the house for the woman (his wife) alone to handle. ...

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7 ways Sex can become dangerous to your marriage

ways sex can become dangerous to your marriage

The importance of sex has been stressed too many times in marriage counselling that many people have either taken it for granted or have abused it in their marriage. The truth however is that as ...

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Is This All The Profit Of Being A Wife?

Reward for being a wife

On our Social Pulse segment today, we are sharing something thought-provoking from our friends, Patheos. This article highlights what every woman seems to get as a reward after death for being a wife, using a ...

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Top 20 Marriage Advice for Men

marriage advice for men

When it comes to marriage advice, the women are usually the ones in the spotlight. It is somehow believed that it is the womenfolk that needs advice more, going into marriage, than the men. This ...

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Why some men are jovial with others but boring at home

boring at home

Today on Marriage lens, we are setting our sights on certain men/women who are fun to be with when they are with friends and colleagues outside their home, but the moment they return home, the ...

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LOVE CONTRACT: the new trend in marriage

Love contract

What I grew up understanding about Marriage is that it is a ‘lifetime contract’, but the contracts that back up relationships and marriages of today are getting longer and longer—and more unusual in context. The latest ...

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The 30 golden advice for ‘about to wed’ ladies

about to wed

It is recommended that every woman should get acquainted with majority (if not all) the advice that will be shared in this piece. It’s even more important for young ladies who are about to wed, ...

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The consequence of marrying without due diligence

marrying without due diligence

This is about one of the many hideous deeds of men who do not marry the women they love or love the woman they married, and in general, one of the consequences of marrying without ...

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Boost your relationship with an end of the year couples retreat

couples retreat

Couples should talk, right? We all know that. It’s the most basic tenet of marriage guidance. But face it, the communication gets fragmented in relationships and marriages when the hurly-burly of life and jobs set ...

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