5 Super Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day

Don’t panic if you haven’t set any plans for Valentine’s Day! Here are some last minute romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day that’ll make your planning a breeze! So, let’s say Valentine’s Day is drawing close ...

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A bitter fact about campus relationships

A bitter fact about campus relationships

If you are currently in a relationship on campus, this piece from Wale Shaquiri, an ardent reader of the blog might be useful to you. He tries to explain how the serious university environment affects ...

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“A Woman Never Forgets!”

A woman never forgets

“A woman never forgets” is a very common cliche, however it is one thing that should always ring in our minds when it comes to dating and relationships. It should always ring in a guy’s ...

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9 Special Qualities of A Woman Worth Keeping

woman worth keeping

A lot of us (talking to the menfolk especially) have that particular ex we wish we could go back to, because of that special quality they possessed which we have not found in another person. ...

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How your BF/fiance’s relations with his mother can affect your relationship

mother can affect your relationship

I feel like it’s a good time to bring up the issue of men and their mommies. What exactly am I referring to? The fact that your man’s relationship with his mother can affect your ...

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Reasons a lady may not be saying YES to you right now

Reasons a lady may not be saying YES

A lot of guys get frustrated when they are not making headway with ladies after several attempts to start a relationship. Whilst it is understandable that they feel that way, it is also necessary to ...

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How good relationships metamorphose into bad relationships

bad relationships

How do good and blossoming relationships metamorphose into bad relationships? This is a question that draws subjective answers, depending on whom you are talking to. When two people initially develop a loving relationship, the bond ...

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Feeling vulnerable in a relationship; safe or not?

feeling vulnerable

Feeling vulnerable is an unavoidable feature of loving relationships. It’s the one thing that allows for mutual trust to fully develop, however, this is only the case when both parties allow themselves to be vulnerable ...

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How to create a loving, lasting relationship with your partner

lasting relationship

All intimate relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, trust, and attraction, but what do happy couples do differently to keep their love thriving and have a lasting relationship in the long run? It’s ...

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How arguments with your partner can improve your relationship

arguments with your partner

You may have heard from countless people and different sources about how arguments with your partner could be toxic for your relationship. Well, I have got good news for you: Arguing with your significant other ...

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