BEWARE LADIES, You Just May Marry an HIV Infected Brother!


DON’T MARRY AN HIV INFECTED BROTHER HIV? Yes, HIV. Why would I open my eyes and marry someone certified to join his ancestors soon? Kai, God forbid. Relax, let me describe him a little. That ...

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How to build your relationship on FAITH

Relationships can be difficult, especially when intimacy is involved, but what if it’s eliminated for substance? As the connection between two people grows, we tend to become more attracted to one another physically faster than we are ...

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The big difference between FALLING IN LOVE and LOVING SOMEONE

A lot of people hide under the bushel of these two concepts; it’s time to set the wheat apart from the chaff. Ayobami Ogedengbe explains the difference between FALLING IN LOVE AND LOVING SOMEONE. Falling ...

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What’s “TRUE” about TRUE LOVE?

I am not here to start the unending debate of “what is Love?” What exactly bothers me is why we keep saying words like “I am looking for TRUE LOVE!” When you ask people to ...

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Top 5 lies and realities of true love

realities of true love

True love is the kind of love that takes you through the gamete of emotion and hardship and against all odds somehow manages to persevere. At the same time, true love has also unfortunately been ...

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