Hard Truths You Must Accept About Relationships

hard truths

Most people want to keep relationships that last forever but they lose it while they are trying all their best to keep it. Sometimes, you need to be conscious of the fact that there are ...

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How To Know Your Partner All Over Again

how to know your partner all over again

Getting to know someone at the beginning of a relationship is usually the best part of any type of relationship. Everything is fun, new, and interesting! Most conversations consist of sharing likes, dislikes, and goals ...

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What does it mean to say ‘I LOVE YOU’?

love you

It’s been said that one of the key ingredients to happiness is love. Sure, there are those who readily abandon love or reluctantly surrender to love for other means: fame, fortune, recognition or advancement. But ...

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Letter To My Future Husband

letter to my future husband

Ladies and gentlemen, as a man, I should know what women expect from their would-be husbands. I’ve taken up the challenge to write the letter, I just hope my male folks will not ostracize me ...

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DO THIS Or You Poison Your Relationship!

Poison your relationship

All relationships face their difficulties.  At some point or another, a spouse or partner is going to betray your trust.  It is how you deal with acts of betrayal that matter the most. If you ...

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Boost your relationship with an end of the year couples retreat

couples retreat

Couples should talk, right? We all know that. It’s the most basic tenet of marriage guidance. But face it, the communication gets fragmented in relationships and marriages when the hurly-burly of life and jobs set ...

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about true love

This post is a practical discussion about true love in romantic relationships and marriages. It talks about how one of the most beautiful feelings known to mankind is often misunderstood. False perceptions about first love, ...

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How To Enjoy Your Birthdays As A Single

How To Enjoy Your Birthdays As A Single

Are you in fear of what your next birthday will look like without that special someone to add colour and verve to the day? Not to worry, there are lots of other ways to have ...

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What Really Makes You Sexy And Attractive?

sexy and attractive

This is the question I want to ask every old and young lady out there today: Has SEXY replaced DECENCY? Whether your answer is a YES or NO, the next question has to be: what ...

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10 ways to maintain sexual purity in a romantic relationship

ways to maintain sexual purity

The world honours yet another day for sexual purity, and I thought it best to share some thoughts about ways to maintain sexual purity in relationships, especially among young unmarried people. The world has changed ...

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