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Romantic birthday gifts for your MAN

romantic birthday gifts for your man

Last time, we put the men in a tight corner by creating many options for them when selecting romantic birthday gifts for bae. This week, we are facing the women…squarely! Payback time ladies! Let’s explore ...

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Romantic birthday gifts for your girlfriend

romantic birthday gifts for your girlfriend

Your bae’s birthday is coming. I hope you haven’t forgotten the date. In case you have, biko go and find out (quick hint: you can check her Facebook or ask her friends) and get some ...

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The ideal time to say I LOVE YOU in a relationship

Say I Love You

The perfect time to say I LOVE YOU for the first time,  is three months into a relationship! Now wait. Before you crucify me, this is not from me. It is according to a survey of ...

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Why you should stop blaming MEN for broken relationships

stop blaming men for broken relationships

There is an annoying stereotype that most people (especially the ladies) have held for a while, and I believe the time is right to quash it once and forever. Pardon me, but by now, you ...

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The simple formula for falling in love

simple formula for falling in love

We found it! There is a new and simple formula for falling in love, and you won’t believe how simple it is.  A Social psychologist called Arthur Aron about two decades ago discovered a simple ...

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Relationship Lessons You Only Get From Movies

Relationship Lessons you get from movies

Movies have always been an interesting, inspiring and entertaining media. It has great impact on our lives. Love, romance, ego, happiness, sorrow – all emotions are found in abundance in movies! Human emotions are recreated and ...

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Why you must INSURE your relationship this Christmas

insure your relationship

I can feel it from  here; you are asking why you should insure your relationship. And if it becomes necessary, why does it have to be at Christmas? Take a seat and let me explain ...

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