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Funnier angles to relationships

Baby Mama is the new business for Nigerian Ladies?

baby mama

Trust me, I tried hard not to write this article…not to say anything about Baby Mamas because I know most of you will immediately link it to that young chap who has been crying foul ...

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Who or what is a wife material?

wife material

The Wife material is one of the most sought species of women in modern Nigeria and I wonder why. Guys are damning other ladies in search of this species, women are losing themselves to it ...

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12 ways to get the man of your dreams

12 strategies for getting the man of your dreams

Last time, we talked about the 12 strategies for wooing the girl of your dreams as shared by Soogun Omoniyi. Today, we are facing the ladies and returning the favour. Ladies, who said you can’t get ...

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Top 6 weird things that people have married

weird things that people have married

Most people may think that marriage is only about two lovebirds staring into one another’s eyes whilst they say their ‘I dos’. However, not everyone thinks this way, and some people decide to take a ...

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12 strategies for wooing the girl of your dreams

strategies for wooing your dream girl

Guys! Get in here. This is the day of joy. Time to borrow from Soogun Omoniyi’s wealth of experience in toasting girls. From his studies, observations and experiences, ladies and gentlemen, he brings to you 12 ...

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This Marriage Software Might Help You Reconsider Getting Married

Marriage Software

Welcome to the ‘Laugh it Off’ segment of this blog, and as usual, we are looking at cupid issues from a lighter angle. I therefore advise that you read this piece with a relaxed mind, ...

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Best break up lines to use when you are tired of a relationship

best break up lines

Virtually all of us have heard — or even said — different lines as a way of ending a romantic relationship. The problem is that no break up line is ever good enough. This means ...

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How Mothers spoil their Daughters’ Relationship life

How Mothers spoil their Daughters' Relationship

Today, we are looking at how mothers spoil their daughters’ relationship life. Don’t chop off my head just yet. Mothers are adorable, and they want the best for their wards. Sometimes, their idea of the ...

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What to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon

Dating a Yoruba demon

Without much a-say, this article intends to prepare your mind on what to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon. Yeah, I’m talking about that angel you see and admire in a sparkling well-starched white Agbada coming ...

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This is how to say I LOVE YOU in 31 languages

how to say I love you

Sometimes you are inspired to break from the norm and express yourself in a different way, especially when it concerns the one you love. You just might want to learn how to say I LOVE ...

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