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It’s actually HEALTHY to eat sugar

healthy to eat sugar

I have good news for lovers of sweet stuff, it’s very healthy to eat sugar! But before you accept or reject my gospel, take time to finish this article. Over the past few decades sugar has ...

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Mouth Odour is NOT a big deal

mouth odour

Bad breath, mouth odour, big deal? Many people (of all ages) have bad breath or mouth odour. Sometimes it is only for a short period, and with others it is persistent. It is estimated that ...

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Menstruation problems and possible solutions

menstruation problems

Your period comes at the same time every month…except when it doesn’t. Suddenly, without warning, you’re early or late, or your flow is heavy, light, or nonexistent (and you know you’re not pregnant!). You and ...

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Dangerous bedtime behaviours that affect sleep

bedtime behaviours

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your mood, your energy levels, and your overall health. It’s also dependent on what you do during the day—how much physical activity you get, what you eat ...

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BEANS: One food you must eat always

nigerian beans food you must eat

Beans may get a bad rap for making people gassy, but that’s no reason to cut them out of your diet. Beans is one food you must eat always. Experts recommend you consume up to ...

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Sperm Count: Why some men can’t be fruitful and multiply

Sperm count

God commanded man to “be fruitful and multiply” isn’t it? But some men seem to have difficulties with that organ responsible for being fruitful. In marriages of today, infertility is often blamed on the wife, ...

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What You Must Know About Asthma

know about asthma

I met an asthma patient recently who was really having difficulty breathing. It was a very scary sight to me and it got me doing this little research, just to know if it’s a disease ...

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Shocking Dangers Of Taking Iced Water

dangers of taking Iced Water

Could there really be any dangers to stepping down a good meal of pounded yam and edikang-ikong soup with a chilled bottle of Coke? Ah! that one go hard small o. But let’s find out ...

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Common Unnoticed Causes of Kidney Ailments

Common Unnoticed Causes of Kidney Ailments

What is wealth without wellness, without the health to enjoy it? The kidney is one of those organs we often times ignore, to our detriment in our later years. When Kidney ailments arise, it can ...

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How bananas can help with menstrual cramps

bananas for menstrual cramps

If you have not been a big fan of Bananas before now, it’s probably time you started a Banana plantation around you and begin to eats lots and lots of it. Ladies, especially those who ...

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