This strange and new sex law in Netherlands will shock you!

new sex law in netherlands

It is not strange to acknowledge that money is not the only way to pay for services, and many people will agree with me that payment in ‘kind’ is not an exactly new phenomenon, but ...

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Meet the dating coach who charges $3,500 per client

Dating coach Chris Manak

How much will you will be willing to part with to have someone teach you how to ask a girl out? Whatever price you have in your head is nothing compared to what this dating ...

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How porn has affected my relationships – Addict

How porn has affected my relationships

A 19-year-old lady has been battling a porn addiction since she was just eight and says an early desire for ‘vanilla’ porn that eventually turned hardcore led to a string of abusive and violent relationships. ...

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Harmattan – The August visitor you should embrace

As you make welcome the season that wraps up the year, this poem will make you appreciate the dryness that comes with the harmattan season. Enjoy.   The twanging of a familiar string Arouses me ...

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Father and daughter publicly reveal their romantic affair

father and daughter romantic relationship

Just when you think things are looking saner in our society, something just happens to knock you back into reality. How about this father and daughter romantic relationship for starters? A 36-year-old Father and his ...

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Is Justice finally served? Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of murder!

Oscar Pistorius

 It is a belief in most quarters that Reeva Steenkamp can now rest in peace after justice was carried out today as Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of murder.   Pistorius was convicted of murdering ...

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How IK Ogbonna met his wife on Instagram

How IK Ogbonna met his wife

According to one of Celine Dion’s popular songs, ‘Love comes to those who believe’. This is quite evident in the story of how IK Ogbonna met his wife. Enjoy the story below, as documented by ...

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Toyin Aimakhu love drama becomes more intriguing after this report

Toyin Aimakhu love drama

The Toyin Aimakhu love drama became even more intriguing when reports came out that she was beaten to a pulp by her new lover, Segun Egbegebe. But the beautiful actress has come out to deny the allegation. ...

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#RespectAWoman: Beverly Naya, Juliet Ibrahim, others get battered


It’s time to #RespectAWoman. Domestic violence is one of the major threats to Women in Africa, and the statistics according to will alarm you further. It then becomes very laudable when a man launches ...

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Who’s to blame for Halle Berry’s divorce with three husbands?

Halle Berry's divorce

Halle Berry is undeniably a true beauty, but it appears there is a beast in her. How else does one explain the situation of a woman on the verge of another divorce after three previous ...

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