Drake and Serena Williams rekindle their love affair

Drake and Serena Williams

They previously dated briefly way back in 2011. But it appears Drake and Serena Williams have rekindled their romance, after the two were spotted making out at a trendy Cincinnati restaurant on Sunday, just hours after she ...

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Producers of ‘Empire’ face another $500m lawsuit

empire producers

Vegas-based Production Company owned by Jon Astor-White has sued the creators of ‘Empire’ for allegedly stealing his idea. Empire is a U.S drama series starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson which Astor-White claims is ...

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The abuse I endured for marrying a much older man

marrying a much older man

She was 28. He was 51. Writer Rachel Rounds reveals the abuse she endured for marrying a much older man. She shares her love experience with dailymail and it goes thus: It was the summer of ...

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Caitlyn Jenner faces 1 year imprisonment

Caitlyn Jenner faces 1 year imprisonment

Caitlyn Jenner may face a year in jail as a result of the car accident earlier this year which left one driver dead, according to a report published by the sheriff. Back in February, Caitlyn Jenner was involved ...

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18-yr-old Kylie Jenner is pregnant for Tyga?

Kylie Jenner is pregnant

Kylie Jenner is allegedly two months pregnant with Tyga’s baby, right after her 18th birthday, according to a new report. Could it be? Let’s find out. Kylie Jenner could become a mother soon, according to a new ...

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Woman goes crazy on the streets after being dumped by BF

crazy on the streets

Whilst I must say dumping your girlfriend by text is possibly not the most mature way to end a relationship – but what this woman did next was certainly not a grown-up way to deal ...

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Consecrated Virgin gets married to Jesus in US

Consecrated Virgins gets married to Jesus

You have probably heard of the groom’s name – Jesus Christ. But you are unlikely to have heard of his bride – Indiana high school teacher Jessica Hayes. The 38-year-old joined an elite band of ‘consecrated ...

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Angry woman sets fire on cheating boyfriend’s crotch

Angry woman sets fire on cheating boyfriend's crotch

It seems ladies all around the world are learning the art of jungle justice in dealing with relationship issues. One man learned a very valuable lesson after cheating on his girlfriend: If you’re going to ...

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Anita Oyakhilome reveals details about divorce with Pastor Chris

anita oyakhilome

Anita Oyakhilome , who now goes by her maiden name Ebhodaghe has finally spoken out about her rift and divorce with husband, Chris Oyakhilome. The news and controversy that surrounded their divorce caused quite a ...

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Chris Brown getting back with Rihanna, singer reveals.

Chris Brown getting back with Rihanna

Right now, a lot of people will probably be saying “I saw this coming!”. Well, you are not entirely wrong, neither can we categorically confirm that you are right, but here is the gist we ...

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