Don Jazzy, Owen Gee & Bez go transgender!

don jazzy

Following in the rather ‘hilarious’ footsteps of their -adopted- mentor, Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, Nigerian entertainers have released their own transgender images online. The images were inspired by Bruce Jenner official unveiling of himself (or herself) as ...

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How she won the race even when losing it

When exactly have you lost the race? How many times in our life do we stumble and fall?  How many times do we concede because times got tough and we said, “I’m done.  Doesn’t matter now, ...

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My family is finding it hard to forgive my cheating wife

cheating wife

My wife of 4 years started having emotional troubles 1 years ago. One day, when she was asleep after staying overnight “with a friend”, her phone beeped with a text, so I checked it. I found ...

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Couple suffer backlash for getting engaged at friend’s wedding

There are some things you just don’t do at weddings. Dress so fierce you upstage the bride, throw a fit about not being served shots at the open bar, dance inappropriately with older guests, oh, ...

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The story of the man from TAURED – A country that has never existed


It’s July 1954; a hot day. A man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan. He’s of Caucasian appearance and conventional-looking. But the officials are suspicious. On checking his passport, they see that he hails from ...

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Stop the HARD WORK, this is how to work S.M.A.R.T


Are you concerned about your job? Do you wonder if you’ll be downsized? If you are, you’re not alone; the talk of the weak economy is a daily occurrence. In today’s tumultuous workplace, no surefire ...

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My Twin; My Love

My twin

“I, Olagbaju Kehinde, take you, Oluwasegun Coker, as my husband, to……” Fresh tears gushed from my eyes as the couple exchanged wedding vows. It’s a day of joy. I’m sure many would understand my tears, ...

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Saheed & Fathia Balogun finally get DIVORCED

Faithia Balogun

This is not totally news, but it is imperative for readers to know that these superstars have only been separated all the while, divorce was not exactly the case. But latest developments, via is ...

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Keep your feet younger as you grow older


Feet go through the ageing process in exactly the same way as the face does. My feet definitely didn’t used to look like they do now. My beauty regime may be low-maintenance but, thankfully, I ...

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Chris Brown apologizes to Tyson Beckford over Karrueche saga

Tyson Beckford

We’re not exactly sure what’s happened to Chris Brown over night but it seems after threatening Tyson Beckford over the weekend, Breezy is now holding his hands up to admit he was in the wrong. ...

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