SHRYNE: An app that documents your love history

shryne app

There have been apps built to help find love, but here is an innovation that helps you nurture it through all-night communication, to document and share it and then to break it into a thousand ...

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Cupid’s Quandary: episode 8

cupid's quandary

It seemed like unfamiliar territories to him. It’s been exactly three years since he last went to a church service. But for his mother, who was usually strict when it comes to church matters, Frank ...

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Why women feel more pain than men in a break up

The tears, the anger, the tub of ice cream – it’s the classic picture of a woman going through a break-up. Scientists believe that women actually suffer more emotionally than men when a relationship comes to ...

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5-year-old cancer patient celebrates birthday, prom, and wedding at once

5-year-old cancer patients celebrates birthday, prom, and wedding at once

How far will you go to show you love your ward, regardless of the pain you may be passing through, or they are passing through. This inspirational and heartbreakingly touching story will help you believe ...

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The heart wrenching story of a wife whose husband ran away with the nanny

husband ran away with the nanny

Many women joke about their husbands running off with a nanny or  – but for some it becomes a heart-breaking reality. What does it feel like to be betrayed by the man you married with ...

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What you share on Facebook tells how long your relationship will last

What you share on Facebook

There are some couples whose love is so special that they constantly feel the need to post about it on Facebook. To most of us, we may be of the opinion that these couples may be ...

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For the first time in 21 years, he said ‘I LOVE YOU’

he said 'I LOVE YOU'

This piece touched me in a special way, so I decided to share with you. I hope you find it just as inspiring as I did. For the first time I my memory, my 21 ...

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I am worried about finally meeting my online boyfriend

meeting my online boyfriend

I have been talking and texting to this guy for about two months and we talk literally everyday via text, Skype, Twitter and Snapchat. He’s funny, we have a lot in common, and we both ...

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Cupid’s Quandary: Episode 5

cupid's quandary

The night was a long one for Frank. His mind raced back and forth tirelessly. He was up as early as 5am in the morning, but could not leave home. He was eager to know ...

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The types of modern marriage now existing

types of modern marriage

One of the most disturbing things about the hacking of the adultery website Ashley Madison was finding out how many members it has. There are 37 million people world-wide who subscribe to the website’s motto ‘Life ...

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