This Dude Cheated On Three Girls In 24 hours!

The three girlfriends of a cheating supermarket worker decided to humiliate him in public after realising he had slept with all of them within 24 hours. Becky Connery, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham and a third girl, who ...

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Man Offers GF up for sale to to fund iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 is one coveted piece of kit – but would you sell your girlfriend to buy one? This man in Shanghai offered to rent out his other half, reportedly to generate the ...

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I Slit My Wrist To Prove My Love To My BF

Talk about a shocking confession, and crazy things anyone can do for love. Secret Week Talk Show co-host, Sharon Osbourne took time on to share a story nobody knew about except for Ozzy Osbourne. At ...

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This Girl’s Virginity Is Worth $5,000

A Chinese woman who sued a man for “violating her right to virginity” after he wooed her with false promises has been awarded nearly $5,000 by a court. The two were dating but after the ...

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Congratulations: Japhet Omojuwa Is Engaged

The popular social media activist is not just about politics afterall; he is equally a great lover. The Nigerian socio-economic and political commentator, as well as social media expert and blogger proposed to his girlfriend ...

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Oops! She Flushed Her Wedding Ring Down The Toilet Because Her Husband Cheated

Things have gone from bad to worse regarding the state of Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage to Hank Baskett. The Kendra On Top Star was photographed on Tuesday morning walking into a building in Los Angeles and ...

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How I beat all odds to marry an American Christian, despite being a Muslim

interracial marriage

When I was growing up with my parents in Osogbo, if you had told me that I would someday be married to an American woman, I would have called you crazy. I grew up in ...

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15 brave guys share their sad breakup stories.

Sad breakup stories for guys |

Last month, a friend asked me, after reading one of the breakup stories I shared on this blog, why it was women who were more open about sharing their sad breakup stories. I couldn’t immediately ...

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10 Kinds of Love We Have Seen In Big Brother Naija 2018

Big Brother Naija

The excitement of popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija is still in the air, and fans still have over 50+ days to watch one person cart away the treasure chest of 45million! The show ...

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Supporting your man is not an option, it should be a habit!

supporting your man

Does supporting your man require any contemplation or it should come naturally to you? We are about to find out! It’s a good thing to be in relationship. There is a feeling that comes with ...

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