Easy steps to planning a wedding in 12 months or less

planning a wedding

One of the biggest dreams of  most people is getting married to that special person who gives them collywobbles. The joy and ecstasy that follows the much celebrated ‘proposal’ paparazzi is one that hardly ever ...

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Top 20 Marriage Advice for Men

marriage advice for men

When it comes to marriage advice, the women are usually the ones in the spotlight. It is somehow believed that it is the womenfolk that needs advice more, going into marriage, than the men. This ...

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How to run an expensive relationship

expensive relationship

They say you can’t put a price on love, but truth be told, some relationships really do cost much to maintain.  The concept of an expensive relationship is not about the high cost of drama ...

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Forgiveness is HARDER than you think!


On Social Pulse this week, we are looking at the issue of forgiveness, how it plays out in the mind of the one who’s been hurt, and why other people shouldn’t be quick to ask ...

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Why you should stop blaming MEN for broken relationships

stop blaming men for broken relationships

There is an annoying stereotype that most people (especially the ladies) have held for a while, and I believe the time is right to quash it once and forever. Pardon me, but by now, you ...

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My GF is doing better in her career than me, and it’s scary.

My GF is doing better in her career

This week, we are looking at another letter (seems we are in that era), and it’s from another reader who is having major concerns about how well his Girlfriend is doing with her career and ...

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The peculiar secret to a happy relationship with your spouse

secret to a happy relationship

Relationships. They’re a source of endless joy and angst. Some relationships find the balance, many others can’t keep the balance as there is more fighting, sadness and anger than those memorable moments of happiness and ...

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Responsibilities of a Maid of Honor

maid of honor

One of the first things that many people do upon becoming engaged is to start inviting their close friends and family members to be in their wedding party. Choosing a maid of honor is beautiful ...

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EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

The term, “ego” has a benign meaning of “self-worth.” In this sense, ego is indistinguishable from one’s deepest values, as a sense of genuine self-worth depends on fidelity to our deepest values. The problem comes when ego inflates ...

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Why do ladies remain in abusive relationships?

why ladies remain in abusive relationships

In this week’s social pulse, we are featuring a beautiful and charismatic social commentator, Princess Ada Ejem as she bares her thoughts on the issue of Abusive Relationships. Reacting to a story shared by a mystery ...

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