My Ex Was A Serial Cheat, I Regret Ever Dating Her

Serial cheat

Is it possible to see danger and readily fall into it all in the name of love? I can hear a lot of YES already. This dude’s story about her girlfriend who was touted as ...

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How to turn your man to a sure ATM

turn your man to a sure ATM

Lookatew! Just take a good lookatew! So you came here to know how to turn your man to a sure ATM abi? Oya na! You will learn lesson today. Just remember that it was you ...

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How to maintain connection in your long distance relationship

long distance relationship

Most people dread long distance relationships, they never want to go there, but they never realize that every relationship has to pass through the long distance phase at one point or the other, and a ...

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An open letter to the man with an overworked wife

overworked wife

This is more than a letter; it is a call to action, to reawaken the consciousness of every man who leaves the domestic job around the house for the woman (his wife) alone to handle. ...

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10 First Date Deal Breakers For Ladies

first date deal breakers

Sometimes even the cutest lady does not manage to attract a man during their first meeting. How is it even possible? Well, indeed, no woman is perfect. And just like ladies, men have their first ...

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Why many ladies will remain unmarried, even if they wanted to

Why many ladies will remain unmarried

Our social media scouts have landed us at the feet of AYOBAMI OGEDENGBE and he has a message for all and sundry about why many ladies will remain unmarried, why many more may be embracing ...

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I broke up with my GF to avert a looming family crisis

family crisis break up

It’s another Wednesday and we are featuring yet another intriguing story. We have had a story that involved family in the past, but this one is totally different and might easily pass for a blockbuster ...

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For how long should a lady wear an engagement ring before wedding?

engagement ring

The proposal is one event that most ladies fantasize about everyday. Some want it done in the grandest location or the most beautiful restaurant, others want it in a place that holds dear memories for ...

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When a lady spends her cash on you, there is a motive!

when a lady spends her cash

When a lady spends her cash on you, there is a motive! Really? Hol’up, I am not trying to make an argument here, but a quick analysis of what I recently discussed with a friend. ...

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My ‘Anywhere bele face’ Relationship Advice

anywhere bele face

Many years ago, in the late 80s to 90s Festac Town, when kids still played outdoors in the many confined playgrounds, carparks, backyards and actually had fractured bones and wounds that squirt blood. Those years ...

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