RACISM: the man who was made to live in a zoo

ota benga racism

In view of the recent killing of blacks in America, as well as the retaliatory attacks from blacks which ended up in the death of five policemen, I decided to share this little story from ...

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I wanted a rebound, but I found love in her

A rebound

Love sometimes comes to us when we seem to have given up on it, and at such times, we can be lost somewhere in the middle of bliss and our will never to succumb to ...

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Lekan broke up because I burnt his food

burnt his food

Funny title yea, but this is a real story. People break up for reasons more ridiculous than this and our story today aims to reiterate to every lover that when the relationship is not making you ...

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Social Networking or a Healthy Relationship: which is dispensable?

social networking and relationships

Back to our VoxPop category this week and I am excited once again. I usually have a special excitement for this category of the blog because I get to see and gauge different perspectives to ...

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This is how to say I LOVE YOU in 31 languages

how to say I love you

Sometimes you are inspired to break from the norm and express yourself in a different way, especially when it concerns the one you love. You just might want to learn how to say I LOVE ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 1

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe part 1

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE Part 1 Written by Damilola Akintobi ************** He dropped the magazine and relaxed his head on the headrest of the chair he was sitting on. The scent of the leather ...

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What you must know before going into an inter tribal relationship

inter tribal relationship

We live in a world that is blessed with diverse races, tongues and people. In Nigeria for example, we are blessed with over 250 ethnic groups and each of them have a unique way of ...

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7 avoidable reasons married people cheat

reasons married people cheat

Cheating is beyond a debate in our world of today, it has become almost accepted as a reality. Cheating is like a hydra – for every head you cut, there are seven more waiting to ...

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17-yr-old Bibi debuts with two tracks you must have on your playlist


The Nigerian music scene has always been competitive with talents emerging everyday in all nooks and cranny of the nation. Popular among female musicians making good music in Nigeria and giving each other a run ...

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5 times LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH to keep a relationship going

love is not enough

Love conquers all—or does it? As romantic as the notion may be, the fiercest feelings do not always trump all hurdles that may come up in a romantic relationship. Today, we are looking at Five ...

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