Best break up lines to use when you are tired of a relationship

best break up lines

Virtually all of us have heard — or even said — different lines as a way of ending a romantic relationship. The problem is that no break up line is ever good enough. This means ...

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Basic things girls need in a relationship

It is not enough to ask a girl out, and attain the title of boyfriend, fiance or husband; there is more to that title. It is basically about fulfilling the obligation accrued to that title. ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 5

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe Part 5

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 5 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES. ***************** “Lord Jesus, I recognize you as my personal Lord and savior and I give my life to you ...

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Men are not babies!

Men are not babies

Our Social Feature this week takes a visit to the wall of Social Analyst and Lawyer, Enwongo Cleopas, and her message is that Men are not babies! Enjoy this one. This talk will be land ...

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Are You A River Or A Reservoir?


In life, you are either blessed to be a blessing or you are blessed to be an ending! Some receive and flow to others like a conduit pipe and a hose giving what it has ...

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The chronicles of Phillip Joe part 4

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 4 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES. ****************** Philip stared at his broken door for a minute, then he shifted his gaze to the uninvited visitor. ...

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I can’t trust my wife, now that I know of her sexual past

trust and gossip

I am troubled by my wife’s sexual past. I recently found out through a mutual friend who knew her before I met her that my wife had been a “bit of a groupie” and had ...

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How Mothers spoil their Daughters’ Relationship life

How Mothers spoil their Daughters' Relationship

Today, we are looking at how mothers spoil their daughters’ relationship life. Don’t chop off my head just yet. Mothers are adorable, and they want the best for their wards. Sometimes, their idea of the ...

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How to keep your relationship fresh like when it first started

How to keep your relationship fresh

Hello guys, we all know that starting a relationship could be a beautiful thing. Yup, I gotta tell you, it’s almost as sweet as Chocolate toppings on a strawberry flavoured ice-cream…hmmm….yum!! However, along the line, ...

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Applying caution when displaying your engagement on social media – Victoria Onwuchekwa

engagement on social media

Our Social Media Searchlight this week takes us all the way to Abuja and we are reporting LIVE from Victoria Onwuchekwa’s Facebook wall. Vicky is warning everyone out there to take the chill pill and ...

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