How love found its way home in two lost souls

two lost souls

This is not a story of how boy meets girl, but rather how love found its way home in two lost souls. Relationships among our generation is quite complicated. I am in a three-year relationship ...

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Open letter to women who won’t be cooking for their husbands


By this article, I want to provoke people and (might) lose some female followers. Una don too plenty. Screening has commenced technically. I’d be using (arguably) the most controversial topic – cooking! This post about ...

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What to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon

Dating a Yoruba demon

Without much a-say, this article intends to prepare your mind on what to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon. Yeah, I’m talking about that angel you see and admire in a sparkling well-starched white Agbada coming ...

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What attracts her to you

This is specially for men. In this article, we will be looking at the magnet effect. Learn the things that gets a woman’s attention and ultimately, what attracts her to you. This is going to ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 3

The Chronicles of Phillip Joe part 3

  THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 3 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES. ************** The new convert watched the congregation file out of the church building. There was a funny feeling ...

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Truth time. . . Have you ever had cause to deal with or currently dealing with a toxic ex? What about dealing with him/her in a wrong manner? Well, I have (to both questions actually) and ...

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True Meaning of Commitment in a Relationship

commitment in a relationship

Today on social pulse, our scouts have brought something delightful from the stables of the Popular Social Media Sweetheart, Olubukola Ozone. In this piece, he talks about Love and Commitment in a Relationship and what ...

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Let’s talk about the 21st Century Virgins

21st century virgins

Do you know we now have spiritual virgins, technical virgins and 21st century virgins? Find where you belong in this expository piece. Who are these much touted 21st Century Virgins? What is so special about ...

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Why Do Women Nag?

why do women nag

Why do women nag? I woke up with this question on my mind, and I determined to find answers to it. Nagging is that age-old art of bugging — gently reminding — someone to do ...

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Engagement is not only for MEN! This is the role of Women.

I decided to pen this after I woke up this morning feeling so alive and thinking about my lovely and beautiful girlfriend whom I have been dating for 6 months now. There is indeed no doubt ...

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