Make A Choice: The Full Housewife or The Working Wife?

full housewife

Today, we are not doing the usual ‘Opinion Poll’, we have decided to do something different and we call this a ‘Preference poll’. It is not just about your opinion, it is about your preference, ...

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Smart answers to some of the funny questions ladies ask

funny questions ladies ask

Ladies can be really funny, especially with certain questions they ask their lovers. A lot of these questions can be tricky, putting you on the spot whichever way you choose to answer them. But we ...

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How arguments with your partner can improve your relationship

arguments with your partner

You may have heard from countless people and different sources about how arguments with your partner could be toxic for your relationship. Well, I have got good news for you: Arguing with your significant other ...

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No love at FIRST SIGHT, we fell in love at FIRST CHAT

love at first sight, love at first chat

The concept of ‘Love at First Sight’ is one that would always create a lot of interest. To some, it is real, to others it is not. But have you ever wondered if you really ...

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6 Things You Should Never Compromise For Any Man!

Compromise stop

When two people come together in a relationship, it is important that they make certain adjustments. This helps their bond to grow stronger and fonder. But, always remember that a healthy relationship is a two-way ...

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2016 OYA AWARDS Nominee List Unveiled.

OYA AWARDS Nominee List

The Outstanding Young Achievers – OYA AWARDS Nominee List for the 2016 edition has been unveiled by organisers of the awards. It should be recalled that OYA AWARDS issued out a call for nominations in May, which ...

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He loved me so much, but I just couldn’t love him back.

he loved me, I didn't love him back

This story is a bit unconventional. Slightly different from the regular Break-Up Stories we have featured on this blog. This particular one is told from the reminiscent point of view of a lady who admits ...

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Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well?

Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well

Errrmmmm. A lot of you guys will say I have come again, but this is becoming a trend among guys, and it’s now up for discussion, so we can all learn and probably straighten up. ...

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Baby Mama is the new business for Nigerian Ladies?

baby mama

Trust me, I tried hard not to write this article…not to say anything about Baby Mamas because I know most of you will immediately link it to that young chap who has been crying foul ...

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Why a long term relationship does not guarantee happiness in marriage

long term relationship

Long term relationships make for some very dreamy and romantic stories, especially when they end in marriage. However, when a long term relationship doesn’t end in the happiness or destination of marriage, some people find themselves ...

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