How to create a loving, lasting relationship with your partner

lasting relationship

All intimate relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, trust, and attraction, but what do happy couples do differently to keep their love thriving and have a lasting relationship in the long run? It’s ...

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The Chronicles of Phillip Joe | Part 7

The chronicles of phillip Joe part 7

THE CHRONICLES OF PHILLIP JOE PART 7 By Damilola Akintobi CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUS EPISODES. ********************* “Bradwell?” Philip creased his brow trying to absorb the different shades of white that made up the hospital ...

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Why your PHOTOGRAPHER is the most important person at your wedding


Your wedding will happen just once, and your photographer is the one who is in charge of keeping that event in your memory forever. For weddings that go by in the blink of an eye, ...

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How my dreams of an inter-tribal marriage came true with Osasuyi

inter-tribal marriage

Serving in Benin City, I fell in love with the culture and my yearning for an inter-tribal marriage took me to Osasuyi.  For a long time, I had always wanted an inter-tribal marriage, and fortune ...

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I lost my first love to a family member I least expected

lost my first love to a family member

People say Family is everything, and I think they are right. ‘Everything’ is all encompassing of good and bad. Our Breakup story today explores the case of a family member who rated romantic love ahead ...

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Are men excused from sexual commitment in marriage?

sexual commitment in marriage

Sexual commitment is a very big issue in many marriages across Nigeria, Africa; well it’s a big issue in most parts of the world. And oddly enough, there’s a certain bias in society’s expectation that ...

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Make A Choice: The Full Housewife or The Working Wife?

full housewife

Today, we are not doing the usual ‘Opinion Poll’, we have decided to do something different and we call this a ‘Preference poll’. It is not just about your opinion, it is about your preference, ...

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Smart answers to some of the funny questions ladies ask

funny questions ladies ask

Ladies can be really funny, especially with certain questions they ask their lovers. A lot of these questions can be tricky, putting you on the spot whichever way you choose to answer them. But we ...

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How arguments with your partner can improve your relationship

arguments with your partner

You may have heard from countless people and different sources about how arguments with your partner could be toxic for your relationship. Well, I have got good news for you: Arguing with your significant other ...

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No love at FIRST SIGHT, we fell in love at FIRST CHAT

love at first sight, love at first chat

The concept of ‘Love at First Sight’ is one that would always create a lot of interest. To some, it is real, to others it is not. But have you ever wondered if you really ...

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