When Caro & I have our arguments and drama….

Caro & I

It is natural to be optimistic at the beginning of a relationship. It is wiser to be realistic. While the adventures of Caro & I might be amusing and outrageous, please find in it plenty ...

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First Date Stories that will make you laugh off your seat

first date stories

I purposely gave this post the title because I literally laughed off my seat at work on the day I stumbled upon this post on Facebook. It was such a memorable day that got me ...

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How I made the first move on him for my proposal


I read a piece on Social Media recently that talked about the difficulty of women asking a man out, and how such a man would go back to haunt them with that action. I bore ...

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The Story of my relationship with a man struggling with many demons

man with many demons

I once dated this very abusive young man. He never made any direct insults but he made indirect derogatory remarks to my face. I told him about some friendships and experiences I had been in ...

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Why I can’t stop flaunting Caro on Social Media

Caro & I Ogbeni La

I am conscious of the fact that there are many people that would silently rejoice if Caro and I breaks up today. Or even tomorrow. These people are not people that hate either of us. ...

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Worries that can end your relationship rather than keep it.

relationship worries

In my numerous conversations with many young people in relationships, I realized that many of us harbor diverse worries about our partners and where the relationship may be leading. Most of the times, these relationship ...

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I love girls with fine bress, should Caro be insecure?

Caro & I

Did you miss the first episode of Caro & I? Too bad, it was about how I met Caro. You can read it here. If you didn’t miss it, chop knuckle. Let’s get down to today’s episode. ...

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Adekunle Gold’s “No Forget” is a song of comfort for hustlers in love.

Adekunle Gold No Forget

Adekunle Gold is known as one of the best alternative musicians in Nigeria right now. And his chemistry with popular singer, Simi has not gone unnoticed; in the studio and out of it. Rumour has ...

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Why do ladies love BAD GUYS?

Why do ladies love bad guys?

It’s just a simple question, but it’s not that simple. “Why do ladies love bad guys?” You know what I mean by ‘bad’ guys. Some gentle men complain that some ladies prefer ‘bad’ guys over them. ...

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She preferred an emotionally abusive guy over me

emotionally abusive

They say it’s good to know what you want and go for it, but that hasn’t worked for me. I found a girl who would rather keep me as a friend while she served herself ...

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