“A Woman Never Forgets!”

A woman never forgets

“A woman never forgets” is a very common cliche, however it is one thing that should always ring in our minds when it comes to dating and relationships. It should always ring in a guy’s ...

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6 types of women available in Nigerian wife market

Nigerian wife market

It’s another Tuesday, and we are going very light on regular relationship and societal issues again. Last week, we had our searchlight on the two types of husbands now trending in Nigeria. If you missed ...

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How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

Let’s consider this: Your partner makes your day when he (using the male to represent both sexes) smiles and you love every minute you spend with him. The only flaw that he has is that ...

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9 Special Qualities of A Woman Worth Keeping

woman worth keeping

A lot of us (talking to the menfolk especially) have that particular ex we wish we could go back to, because of that special quality they possessed which we have not found in another person. ...

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How To Take A Stand Against Rape and Sexual Abuse

stand against rape and sexual abuse

It was really shocking and humbling for me to hear that a close friend had fallen victim of rape. Hitherto, I had taken a fairly vocal stand against rape and abuse in the society, but ...

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Important steps to keeping fit for your wedding

keep fit

For the sake of the stress you will inevitably pass through on your wedding, you need to keep fit. Here are important steps you must take in keeping fit for your wedding. Every bride wants ...

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A letter to every guy currently cheating on his girlfriend

extra-marital affairs

Why waste a lady’s time when you are convinced that she is not the chosen one, yet you give her the impression that you’ve already married her? Why hide your relationship status just to flirt ...

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MARK ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA: A story of Love and Sacrifice

Mark Anthony and Cleopatra

This is the second in our Classic Love Stories Series, and today’s story shares some similarities with our first story in the series about Romeo and Juliet. The true love story of Mark Anthony and ...

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20 Highly Important Marriage Advice for New Couples

Marriage Advice for New Couples

Now you are married. The long wait is over, and all you ever wanted – to live with each other forever – has come true. It is becoming a cliche these days that marriage is ...

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“He said he was a player, and I was just a victim of his game!”

he was a player

When I read this story, I was surprised, not because this kind of story is new to me, but because the effrontery of the guy in this story seems new to me. I know about ...

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