Baby Mama is the new business for Nigerian Ladies?

baby mama

Trust me, I tried hard not to write this article…not to say anything about Baby Mamas because I know most of you will immediately link it to that young chap who has been crying foul ...

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Why a long term relationship does not guarantee happiness in marriage

long term relationship

Long term relationships make for some very dreamy and romantic stories, especially when they end in marriage. However, when a long term relationship doesn’t end in the happiness or destination of marriage, some people find themselves ...

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How my first love left me for his ex

My first love experience

It is true what they say about your ‘first love’; you will hardly forget them. The first time you experience love is not something to forget quickly, regardless of how it turned out eventually. My ...

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Who or what is a wife material?

wife material

The Wife material is one of the most sought species of women in modern Nigeria and I wonder why. Guys are damning other ladies in search of this species, women are losing themselves to it ...

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Married Men or Women: who cheats more?

who cheats more

Cheating has become a recurrent issue in today’s relationship and a lot of people are still scratching their heads for solutions to the canker-worm eating deep into many relationships. Even marriages are not left out, ...

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How I made my family fall in love with my IJEBU wife

Ijebu wife

Nothing on this earth remains the same forever, change is bound to happen someday. It doesn’t matter how strong and rigid it is, there is a breaking point lurking around somewhere; only the bold and ...

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There is no PERFECT WOMAN, but there is a SMART WOMAN

A woman, perfect and smart

It’s commonly said that we can’t attain perfection, but we can at least try. This piece by Tosin Ayo tries to explain how a woman may not necessarily need to be superfluous in nature to ...

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Is it right to be jealous about a guy that has not asked me out?

Is it right to be jealous

IS IT RIGHT TO BE JEALOUS ABOUT HIM WHEN HE HAS NOT ASKED ME FOR A RELATIONSHIP? I’ve become very close to one of my course mates. We started hanging out alone, he would always ...

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12 ways to get the man of your dreams

12 strategies for getting the man of your dreams

Last time, we talked about the 12 strategies for wooing the girl of your dreams as shared by Soogun Omoniyi. Today, we are facing the ladies and returning the favour. Ladies, who said you can’t get ...

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GlowVille Weddings: Celebrating #FolaFemi2016


#FolaFemi2016 Love isn’t the gifts you buy me, it’s not a crush or just a word Love isn’t the amount of times you say “I love you” even though if you truly mean it I’d ...

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