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Keep your feet younger as you grow older


Feet go through the ageing process in exactly the same way as the face does. My feet definitely didn’t used to look like they do now. My beauty regime may be low-maintenance but, thankfully, I ...

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Every lady must have these things in her wardrobe

girl's wardrobe

We are approaching the colder months, every girl should possess some accessories in her wardrobe that are essential for the fall season. With the cooling temperatures, it is imperative that her choice of clothes also ...

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Disney launches Avengers fashion line for women


An official line of Avengers-inspired clothes for women has been unveiled by fashion website Hot Topic. The range is the result of a partnership between women’s pop culture apparel company Her Universe and Disney Consumer ...

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Why sleeveless jacket is a perfect fashion for everyone

sleeveless jacket

In writing this article, I am going to have to address the central issue. Which is: why would anyone make a jacket without sleeves? Isn’t that just plain idiotic, like making a teapot without a ...

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Fashion errors that can cost you a job


A report released last week claimed that job interview outfits can seriously boost a candidate’s chances of success. Here, nine people who hire and fire in fashion – and know their sartorial semantics – reveal ...

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What’s the use of MAKEOVERS anyway?


Why are women so obsessed with makeovers? Are we? Every one of us? It’s true, there are some days when I can barely get out of bed because my mind is so possessed by thoughts ...

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What MEN should learn about Fashion this year

Men and fashion, it is sometimes said, go together like socks and sandals. We rub along, but not comfortably or happily or prettily. It’s certainly true that some men feel excluded from and threatened by ...

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Fashion goes sophisticated at Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo fashion

Clothes with simple designs that cut ornamentation to the bone to pull off a low-key look, along with sophisticated fabrics with beautiful, distinctive textures, were centre stage at Tokyo Fashion Week for autumn-winter 2015-16 held ...

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FASHION FAIL: Lupita Nyongo tops worst dressed celebs at SAG Awards

Usually Lupita Nyong’o can do no wrong when it comes to the red carpet. But at the recent SAG Awards, her Elie Saab gown earned her a place on DailyMail’s worst-dressed list for the first ...

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Are models too skinny?

Let’s begin with a little bit of history here. In the early 20th century, the first professional fashion models were called “living mannequins”. They took their name from their 19th-century predecessors, the display mannequins used ...

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