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How to get rid of your ugly stretch marks totally

How to get rid of your ugly stretch marks

Jennifer is very beautiful, well shaped and highly fashionable. She has everything going for her except that she’s not confident of her body underneath the cloth she’s wearing. She has turned down several proposals from men ...

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Easy Ways To Maintain Your Beauty

Maintain Your Beauty

Hello ladies, Its another week of beauty tips and today we are looking at ways to look and remain beautiful without having to spend over the odds. There are many simple, natural and very cheap, ...

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What a lady should wear on a first date

what a lady should wear on a first date

Should I look Sexy? Should I look sober? Should I look simple? Keep calm and let’s discuss what a lady should wear on a first date. The questions above are what you will always have ...

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How a guy should look on a first date

look on a first date

Most relationships are built on a series of first impressions, and a first date is a prime opportunity to forge a stronger connection with someone. While it’s not an exact science, there are some ways ...

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For those who do not know how to wear leggings

how to wear leggings

I have gist. I’m not sure it would interest y’all though. I can only hope. Yesterday, during my lunch break, I went across the road to the eatery to get snacks and patch up the ...

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How To Naturally Get Pink Lips

how to get pink lips

You can enhance your beauty with a lovely smile. When your lips are pink, your smile also becomes charming. But there are many people who do not have pink lips and the color of their ...

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SHEA BUTTER – Your New Beauty Secret!

shea butter

  Shea Butter is one of nature’s best. African healers and beauticians have been in on this secret for thousands of years. It would be a boon to you to partake of the wisdom of ...

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How to be perfect with your eyeliner

How to be perfect with your eyeliner

I know a lot of you suck at eyeliners, so I decided to do a little digging. I hope you will thank me for helping you find this perfect recipe to make you a PRO!. ...

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10 things you should know about Michael Kors

Michael Kors

As one of the first boldface names in 2004 to get on board with reality television, Michael Kors is certainly not one to shy away from the camera. He’s not, after all, at the helm of ...

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Four Avant-Garde Fashion brands to watch out for

Avant-Garde Fashion brands

Avant-Garde means being at the leading edge or vanguard and is applied to the most advanced, progressive and experimental fashions of the moment and prevents the industry from stagnating. Avant-Garde fashions that are exhibited on ...

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