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Why celebrity marriages fail – Nikki Laoye

why celebrity marriages fail

Gospel act, Oyenike Laoye-Oturu,  popularly known as Nikki Laoye, is one of the few Nigerian celebs who remain happily married. Renowned for her eclectic musical expressions and captivating stage performances, Nikki Laoye has enjoyed a ...

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‘Nigerian men are liars’ – Yvonne Nelson

yvonne nelson

Talk about the popular adage which says ‘Once bitten, twice shy’. We think Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has not just been bitten once, but one too many times. She has now indicated that she will ...

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Tunde & Wunmi Obe reveal secrets to their lasting partnership

tunde and wunmi obe

We have witnessed quite a number of break-ups from KC Presh to Mo’hits, Choc Boys and more, in the last decade, and you can begin to wonder if groups and duos can ever work in ...

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