Things you should never say to your boss

never say to your boss

It can happen to anyone: you slip and forget who you are talking to, and suddenly you’ve shared way too much information with the boss. Or the boss overhears you saying something that’s NSFW (not ...

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OFFICE POLITICS: how to apply workplace diplomacy

workplace diplomacy

This article is excerpted from the book Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success (Oct. 2011) In this excerpt from her book, Alexandra Levit tells ...

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How to achieve effective TEAMWORK on the job

effective teamwork

Working in teams is inevitable. For years now, organizational leaders have recognized the added value that comes from having employees work in formal or informal teams, but over the last two decades even greater emphasis ...

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When is the right time to quit your job?

right time to quit

We’ve all been there, hunched down in our desks furtively checking the clock (and Facebook) somehow hoping that time will somehow speed up. You hate your boss. You are bored of your work. Your co-workers are annoying.  The ...

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Top 7 ways to build self-confidence

build self-confidence

You want to build self-confidence? Follow this thread. Quite a number of people want to be like others – outspoken, confident, outgoing, charismatic et al, but they just seem to lack the drive to become ...

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5 ways to remain positive when you just can’t get a job

November is midway, December is in sight, the year is running to an end and yet, things have not changed for you. You started the year with hopes to get employed, or you lost your ...

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The DOs and DON’Ts of a perfect Resume for job seekers

resume for job seekers

My question; is there a perfect resume for job seekers? The task of resume writing is usually a daunting one for job seekers. Most of them prefer to give it to professionals to help write ...

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Top 5 interview test and questions CEOs like to ask

Interview test and questions

Except for a few positions, it’s rare to be interviewing with the CEO or president of a company. But, in case you have the opportunity of a one-on-one with the big boss—or are meeting with ...

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Is it good to be a vulnerable leader?

Vulnerability is the degree to which people or things are susceptible to harm. By that definition, it seems like vulnerability is the polar opposite of strength. Why would a leader be willing to expose their ...

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Is it really difficult to find a work-life balance?


The definition of work-life balance and how you obtain it has been debated for many, many years. I have read numerous articles and have walked away as confused on the subject as when I began. ...

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