Break Up Stories

I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch

I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch

This story has already generated some level of controversy among my friends. But regardless of what people think, it’s important to remember that this is Africa, and we have heard worse things. This is why ...

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I was scared by his obsessive love, I had to break up to save my life

Obsessive Love

Can love be too much? Can care and attention be too much? The answer to question is relative and largely depending on who’s being asked. For the lady in our featured Break Up Story this ...

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How Rotimi’s Alcohol habits almost got me killed

alcohol habits

Today’s break up story features yet another great lesson for singles, whether you are trying to get into a relationship or already in one. Apart from looking at physical and psychological attributes of a potential ...

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How Indecision got me my first heartbreak – Damilare Kuku

My first heartbreak - Damilare Kuku

The searchlight of our Break Up Experience for this week beams on the beautiful fast rising actress, Damilare Kuku. In today’s episode, she shares the story of her first heartbreak, how she played a part ...

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Why my GF dumped me for her Malaysian Lover

she left me for her malaysian lover

As always, we like to bring Break Up stories that inspire and teach vital lessons about relationships, and today’s story is not an exception. Guys and ladies alike should learn something from today’s episode of ...

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He lied to me about his age, I had to break up

He lied about his age

Growing up, we have been made to understand many characteristics of love. We have learnt that love conquers all things and covers a multitude of sins, but the story we feature today might give you ...

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He lowered my standards to the barest, I had to break out

lowered standards

My first advise to anyone entering a relationship is to make sure your partner has good standards. It is also important to have assurances that your relationship with him/her won’t lower your own good standards ...

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How another Yoruba Demon left me for his ex

Yoruba Demon

Are we back to these Yoruba Demons again? We thought the Igbos had taken over. Well our Featured Break Up Story this week reminds us about what some Yoruba guys can do…but then this particular ...

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I broke up because I thought she loved my money

she loved my money

Love and money, can one really separate them? To some, it is impossible, to others, it is very possible. Don’t ask what I think about it yet. I want you to read the Break Up ...

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How I lost him just when we should be getting married

How I lost him

It’s never easy to lose people, it’s even harder when they are your loved ones. The worst experience (which I do not pray for anyone) is to lose that special someone you seem destined to ...

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