Break Up Stories

I broke up because my BF felt intimidated by me

my BF felt intimidated

How does one explain a situation where a person feels intimidated by the success or giant strides of his partner? How best should one tackle such situation? Should this person have done better? Let’s read ...

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How I lost a precious relationship for holding back too much!

I held back too much and lost my relationship

I was moved to share my story with Glowville because I believe my story is similar to what many young people may be currently facing in their relationships. I don’t want them to pass through ...

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My parents pressure almost drove me into marrying the wrong man

Parents pressure

Life isn’t always sad, there is always a silver lining lurking around the corner. This is why today’s BREAK UP is not an entirely sad one; it has a happy ending. But what’s more important ...

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#MyBreakUpStory: I deserved better than fighting for him

I deserved better

I won’t blame anyone but myself for my predicament, as I can easily say my obsession with Wiz Khalifa led me into a relationship with Kennedy (not real name). It was meant to be the ...

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I lost my first love to a family member I least expected

lost my first love to a family member

People say Family is everything, and I think they are right. ‘Everything’ is all encompassing of good and bad. Our Breakup story today explores the case of a family member who rated romantic love ahead ...

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He loved me so much, but I just couldn’t love him back.

he loved me, I didn't love him back

This story is a bit unconventional. Slightly different from the regular Break-Up Stories we have featured on this blog. This particular one is told from the reminiscent point of view of a lady who admits ...

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How my first love left me for his ex

My first love experience

It is true what they say about your ‘first love’; you will hardly forget them. The first time you experience love is not something to forget quickly, regardless of how it turned out eventually. My ...

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We loved each other, but our blood did not

blood stopped us from getting married

I once read an article titled ‘Love is Pain and Pain is Love’ but I didn’t get the full understanding until the other side of what I expected as reality dawned on me. What I ...

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I broke up because my BF was scared of testing for HIV

testing for HIV

I am sharing this story with Glowville because I want other ladies out there to learn and take heed. It is important to take certain steps before taking your relationship to the next level with ...

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I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps

I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps

You might find it rather strange to read that I broke up with my girlfriend because of her menstrual cramps. From a distance it might appear to you like I lack empathy, but the reality ...

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