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Why I can’t stop flaunting Caro on Social Media

I am conscious of the fact that there are many people that would silently rejoice if Caro and I breaks up today. Or even tomorrow. These people are not people that hate either of us. No. They are mostly my friends or followers on Facebook. Their grouse is my inability to keep shut about my relationship. Many would swear I have been jazzed 😂.

Sometimes I feel like I can hear them silently saying, “as if he’s a saint… ” 😂. They accuse me of being the King of Pepper Them Gang. I can flaunt for this life! In fact, a young single lady could die of depression if she follows my social media accounts religiously. If I am not mentioning Caro on a post then I am either uploading her pictures. Wetin gan sef? 😂

So it looks understandable if these frenemies derive an inexplicable mischievous orgasm per chance my relationship with Caro fails. Let’s just say I have given them no chocolates so far. I really have bad news for them anyways cos it doesn’t look as if I plan to repent anytime soon. I mean, look at where we are again? A column dedicated to the same relationship. Who does that?

Who else but the same dude that doesn’t believe in Hell? People don’t get. I’m just living my life. For example, I don’t believe in Hell but just in case it exists and I end up there, I live my life in a way I wouldn’t regret not enjoying it to the fullest because of a Hell I finally ended up in. The consciousness of certain people’s expectations on my relationship with Caro is actually a motivation for us to enjoy the moment to our maximum effort. I will chop the life of my head. I don’t know tomorrow.

Like I told a lady today, people must be ready to pay the price for what makes them happy. Calculate the associated risk that comes with whatever embarkation. If it is worth it, pay the price and let no other thing matter except the part that makes it worthwhile. That’s my attitude to life. I focus more on my strength than weakness. I focus more on the positive than the negative. After all, there’s no utopia. There’s no perfect being.

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If Caro’s nudes leaks today on the social media, the only problem we’d have is if it is of poor quality or she didn’t give a boastful pose. If you have information that Caro is cheating on me today, the only condition that is allowed for you to tell me is if you’re the one she’s cheating on me with (Caro is not cheap so I would humbly learn few tricks from you) And if you’re a lady, your motivation must be a willingness to assisting to revenge. You must be ready to help me cheat on her too by opening legs.

It is not love that is shacking me. I am merely allowing my head to guide me. I have seen what I want and in my heart, I know how much I am willing to afford to keep her. I guess the lesson today is that, whether you’re an atheist or not, rain will fall and beat you. Whether it is flaunted or not, all relationships have their own peculiar challenges. And they will either end in a lifelong commitment or fail. And the world will go on cos that’s what the world does best.

Life goes on no matter what. The onus is on you to enjoy while you’re therein.


Ogbeni La

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  1. Well, you seem to be ‘doing’ Caro well. We should do more than just exist, we should live. Glad to know you are determined to live life to the fullest, with Caro by your side.

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