Can you marry this kind of man

Can you marry this kind of man?

Here is our Opinion Poll for today as anchored by the enigmatic Olubunmi Mabel.

Tara asked Debo during a date, “What is your love language?”

“My mum,” he replied.

She smiled. “I mean your love language; may be words of affirmation, acts of service, physical…”

He cut in, “Yes, I know. My own love language is my mum. The best way you can show me love is to show my mum love. She’s my first love language.”

Looking stunned, “Are you serious?” She asked.

“Yes Tara. It’s that simple.”

She sighed.

If you were Tara, what would you think/do? Can you marry this kind of man?


Can you marry this kind of man

Olagunju Oluwatobi says Ladies you had better flee for your life.. Don’t marry such! Guys like that do not always have a mind of there own. You will always see there mom in everything they do. Marrying such guy means marrying a liability. If I have a the privilege to preach at a wedding ceremony, the major thing am going to hammer is “forgetting about your parent”….. When anyone; even pastors comes in between couples, then problem has started setting in. I don’t want to talk too much jo, a man is expected to have a mind of his own…..”

Ogunmoyin Olanike says Forget your parents? You see, me I love my mama o and I know my brothers do too. There is nothing wrong with loving one’s parents. Infact, there is something wrong if you because of marriage abandon your parents. The problem we have is “ROLE CONFLICT”. When you allow your role as a Son or daughter affect your role as a wife or husband. Sincerely, if we think of the sacrifices mothers make in raising their wards,we will be tempted to give our all to them. However, Debo has to be schooled so as not to have role conflict. Everyone is important, mother, wife, even siblings.”

Akinwunmi Akinleye says You are not to take one and forsake the other. Some young people go into relationships with preconceived beliefs. When people like Myles Munroe lived with mother in-law in mother in-law’s house for 12 years you can understand how our perception and how well we have perfected God’s love in our lives can be the nature and skill required to handle such situation. However, can Debo clarify this mother love-language thing better?”

Seun Akin-Crown says “If I were to be Tara, na to run o. This one na mama’s boy, and is still a boy. He has no emotional strength and independence to ‘cling’ to a woman.”

Adeniyan Naomi says He isn’t a mummy’s boy. He only becomes one if he starts throwing his mum at me-Tara everytime we meet or have to decide about something. As for me-Tara, I can’t love a guy who does not love his mum. Some do not even talk about their mum/dad at all that you’d keep wondering if their mum/dad is alive. When you ask, some will just say”She’s fine/He’s fine” with the tip of their tongue. If I love my mother enough, it’ll not take me more to love “another” mother. Well, I-Tara will have to look very well to know if he even love his mother before I continue with him. There is difference between “loving mum and mum’s pet”…….lols.”

Oladunke Olu-Mohammed says “It’s good to love your parent inlaw…but in this context…hmmmm…SMH…if not properly handled , Depo might esteem his mum above his wife, so anything the mum does is right….abegggi I don’t like that except if the guy can clarify it”

Oni Victor says Women have always been fighting for a place in a man’s heart since time immemorial.  Some single women don’t even want to entertain their mother in law matter,and it’s disturbing . I won’t say much, but just remember you’ll all have a son someday and you’ll know what neglect feels like.
I will like to see a new group purposeful mother-in-laws created by Olubunmi Mabel in like 35-40years time if God tarries just to know the opinions of the ladies here who I’m sure will be mother-in-laws by then to see if their perspectives wouldn’t have changed . I’m sure it would. It will be more personal.
Treat your MIL the way you’ll like to be treated by your son’s wives. Wish them what you want your daughter in laws to wish you when your sons get married. Can I hear an amen? A sincere one from a clean mind?
To the guys there’s nothing bad in loving and appreciating your mum, any woman who pushes against the idea is a witch and a disaster in the making, such should be avoided the same way these girls are avoiding the “mummy’s boys” . But then, don’t forget your role in the family as the head and never give room for interference in your decision making. It’s not rocket science.”


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Now to you readers, what do you think about today’s opinion poll?

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