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Is it possible to fall in love with more than one person at a time?

I was browsing through the vox-pop category yesterday when looking for inspiration for what to publish today, and I found this post from 2015 and decided to repost. This topic is one that is a common question bothering a lot of young mind. I hope this post helps to find answers.

“Can you fall in love with more than one person at a time?”

That was the big question asked by the indefatigable Olubunmi Mabel on her Facebook wall. Trust her to always give us something to look forward to; her answer was an emphatic YES! Let’s go find out why she thinks it’s possible, and you also get to have your say on this.

“You can fall in love with more than one person, but not in the same way.” she opined.

“You can love a man for his companionship, intelligence, gentleness, and handsomeness; while you can love another for his kindness, leadership skill, problem solving ability, his body, his smile, his humour etc.

You can’t love two people in exactly the same way. There’s something you love about your current, and there’s something you loved about your ex.

Her thoughts were Inspired by Barbara Delinksy (google her up abeg).

Now, to you…do you think Mabel is spot on, or you totally disagree? Please have your say.

We got some people to also share their opinion on the subject and we gathered some of the most interesting responses below.



Awe Olubusuyi: I believe in the 80/20 rule. Your partner will always have 80% of what you need and the remaining 20% will be covered by other types of relationships in your life. There are however cases where you develop deep emotions for another person but if you check it deep down, its usually just that.. fleeting emotions! Love is a choice and its very much deliberate.

Udeolisa Favour:  You can love more than one man with different attributes but in the end you decide to settle for one which to you is the best. Well, personally I don’t think I can love more than one man. “Like” and Love” has a role to play. If you remember the movie *BLACK COFFEE*, it answers this question very well. You can “like” you can “Admire” but its totally different from loving.

Ajiboye Kolade: You can like 1000 men for whatever reason, but I can’t even bear the sound of “I love that man too for…….whatever reason” from my partner.

Chioma Madueke: There are different kinds of love, I guess that applies here. You can love as many men as you want but in different ways.

Olaniyi Olabanjo:  I think “admire” should be the right word. A married guy can admire the intelligence or beauty in a lady, but saying he loves the lady for that reason is what I have an issue with.

Ikhuoria Dandy: Love means totally giving out your heart to someone, simply because you have come to believe in them. You can’t give your heart to two persons at a time, you can’t serve two masters at a time, it’s either your heart is truly with one or the other. You can love so many people , you can admire people for different reasons, but that special thing, that makes you give your heart to somebody at a particular point in time is only for one person. This where true love comes in, you can be with someone for some selfish reasons and benefits but where your heart is, proves so different. This why you can’t just marry two persons at a time. I may love a lady and admire her alot, but not that kind of special love to want to spend the rest of my life with her, this does mean I don’t appreciate her deeply. The love that exist between a man and woman in an intimate relationship is one and for one person. 

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What do you think guys? Can you fall in love with more than one person at a time?

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  1. I believe for “love” to be called “love” It has to be given undivided! Even d dictionary qualifies or describes love as an INTENSE feeling towards a thing or being, u cannot av dt shared amongst 2 or more pple/things…If dt happens, den its no more love but sheer LIKENESS

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