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Can I return his engagement ring after our relationship failed?

The relationship blossomed for a while, and the ball was set rolling for a bright future together. He proposed, you said an emphatic YES! and your joy knew no bounds.

Alas! things suddenly went wrong and the whole relationship came crashing down, bringing you both back to point zero.

Is it appropriate to return proposal ring to him since the relationship didn’t work out?

Is it appropriate for him to accept it?

engagement ring



Yemi Aiyenuwa says “Yeah… I think that’s the most appropriate thing to do, with that, the guy will know you’re serious. It’s a way of saying “Maa gbe keke e lo, mi o ba e we’re mo”…. Lobatan!

DEE LAST BORN says “Yes! and if he doesnt collect it, I WILL SELL IT TO ABOKI”

Gospeller Eniolorunda says “Yes. That the relationship doesn’t work our,should not create enmity btw them. The lady should return it honourably wt explanation and not trowing it at him. The man too can accept it and respect the lady’s choice.”

Dabo Williams says “Well I will say only those who has had the experience should comment and share the experience so we can learn, not some fellas who has only had a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Biko, let the experienced talk.”

Sophy Prince says “If he demands for it that is even when he won’t smell it from me. The only way I can return a ring is if it has sentimental value and a family history”

Chimezie Anyaeji says Long story short, engagement ring is not marriage. It can be returned with pride, and if he refuse to accept, drop it on the floor.  Any other explanation is just you trying to be diplomatic.”

Oni Victor says “Why not just sell it and save yourself another embarrassing belittling moment. It’s a win win in this case. Seriously speaking, Returning a proposal ring is plain rude! It makes you look like you’re bitter about the break up. The ring is not that serious and has no significance spiritually. it’s just a camouflage that shows suitors that you’re taken.  It’s not like it’s binding you 2 In any form. You’d better throw it away.”

Felix Enebeli says “Return Wetin!!! The proposal ring na gift na.. BABE Abeg if the ring is made of gold or diamond abeg turn am to property or sell am … ANY GUY WEY ASK FOR THE RING GET ISSUES. WHO SEND AM TO BUY RING.”

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