The Best Writer Ever

How You Can Become The Best Writer Ever!!!

I always envy great men who in latter part of their years, sit back and write their autobiography. I also admire great men whose biographies have been written to motivate others. But in all, I have discovered you can live out and simultaneously write out the greatest autobiography ever, out of your life.

You are presently engaged in the writing of your own life’s story. As both the writer and the featured actor, you can choose to spin a spell-binding tale of a swashbuckler’s roaring adventure through life, with each new day in the book unlocking more fireworks and flurry of frenetic action than most people experience in a life time.

You, as the story’s featured hero or heroine, are free to script yourself living the life of a full fledged folk hero, where having the time of your life is the order of the day. As each riveting chapter of your best seller unfolds, the reader is mesmerized by the story’s plot, literally perched right on the edge of his or her seat as your next daring move is anxiously anticipated. This best selling story line captivates the imagination of the reader as the hero lives a life of rollicking good times, fast and furious fun and unbelievable excitement. The hero’s life is nothing short of amazing, where anything and everything he or she touches turns to gold.

Does that sound like the story you are writing for yourself? If your life story is not presently filled with unbridled achievement and unparalleled success, you need to begin rewriting your “best seller” and your place in history. After all, you are in total control of how your life’s story unfolds. It needs to be written to your exacting specifications; the way you want your life to evolve and develop.

Regardless of how good or how bad your life’s story has been to date, the first chapter of your guaranteed best seller begins today. While all of us have the ability to envision the life we’ve always wanted for ourselves, it’s up to each of us individually to make this vision a reality. Bearing in mind that God has given us that innate ability to make possibilities out of impossibility.

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In order to make your dreams come true, you must be ready, willing and able to grab control of your life right now. You are, with God’s help when you submit to him, in control and fully responsible for designing, engineering, sculpting and yes, writing your own life’s story the way you want it to be. Yes, God and Destiny have got their part in your life, but it’s always up to you to live out God’s plans for you (which are good by all standards), and work out your destiny.

Isn’t it high time you got busy and started rewriting your story line today? When you get your new life’s story exactly the way you want it, according to God’s plans for you, it is sure to be a guaranteed best seller.

You were made for this, you can do it!


Olumide Lawrence

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  1. Nice one dearie. Amma start writing right away. Lolzzz. Thumbs up.

  2. Cool post. The topic is misleading though, and bad for your SEO. Google will list this post under books, instead of inspiration. You might want to adjust the title.

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