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He came as a wedding planner, now we are married

The journey to the aisle is not always rosy. It sometimes sets off on a bad note, but quickly turns out very exciting like a fairy tale movie. You may even begin to wonder if you are not dreaming. Here is an account of how an introvert and a newbie wedding planner took up a seemingly impossible task and fell in love on duty. Temilade bares it all in her story.

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The journey began for us in 2009 when my cousin was preparing for her wedding. Since childhood, she had always desired a hitch-free and perfect wedding, so it wasn’t a surprise to us all when she insisted on hiring a wedding planner.

She wanted the best wedding planner, so she was ruthless in her choice-making. She rejected the three planners I referred to her after scrutinizing them via an interview. She continued her relentless search for a high standard wedding planner, much to the annoyance of those around her, but we had to respect her wishes.

Eventually, someone came.

He didn’t come with a wealth of experience, or a rich CV like those before home. He didn’t even look like an event planner. On my first meeting with him, I thought he was one of the groomsmen. He was a total hunk, and I must admit that I had an instant attraction towards him – but it wasn’t more than a crush.

I was taken aback when my cousin declared she had found her perfect wedding planner in him. I tried all I could to convince her otherwise, stating the fact that he hadn’t done any high-profile jobs and was nothing better than a newbie.

My cousin’s mind was however made up. She was very satisfied with the interview conducted with him and wanted to trust him with delivering her dream wedding. I had to reluctantly agree. A part of me wanted her to be happy, but I couldn’t also help fearing that this strange dude will fail. My cousin compiled my fear by declaring, “Temilade, you will be working with him!”

It took me a few days to come to terms with the realization that my cousin had entrusted her dream wedding to a stranger with little experience and me – with no experience whatsoever. I had to take the challenge and was determined to put in my best to make it happen for her.

We set to work, and it was not good at first. We had constant arguments about what fits and doesn’t fit. It soon became a habit for me to report his shortcomings to the bride. I was making it seem impossible for us to work together, but through it all, he maintained a calm stance and would always smile whenever I came up with tantrums. He went on with his job like nothing was happening around him.

Unconsciously, I began to ease off. The progress he made was impressive and I had to calm down, listen when he spoke, and work peacefully with him. In a short time, we were well on track to deliver a masterpiece to my cousin.

We became regular talkers and he taught me a lot about event planning until I grew a passion for it. It was not until this time that I realized how much I had de-emphasized on his looks and physical attributes. Everything started coming back together and the attraction grew.

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My joy knew no bounds when the wedding finally came and we delivered a near-perfect event to my cousin. For a green horn like me, it was like a Grammy award to see my cousin shed a tear of gratitude to us both.

As my cousin prepared to depart for her honeymoon, she placed Henry’s hand (now you know his name) upon mine and said, “I deliver her to you; the latest event planner in town. Take good care of her”. We laughed about it, but Henry took it serious.

We met a couple of times after the event, and started dating a few months later. He proposed in 2013 and we are married now. But what’s really important is that we both run an events planning and management company in Abuja now.

God has been good to us.

This is the story of how I met my husband.

Temilade. G

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