He broke up with me several months before I found out.

He broke up with me several months before I found out!

How do you contain yourself when the one you think you are with suddenly tells you that they have broken up with you several months back; and that all you have been doing in that time is basically having a relationship with yourself? 

Very hurting yea? Maybe suicidal, like in the case of our contributor today.

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I have to go anonymous for this.

We dated for four years, from college. We’ve previously had issues about him having too many girls (usually said they are just his friends and nothing more) hanging out with him in college.

But, I overlooked all those and let it all go.

After school, we lived together in the city. Then, one day, he got back from work and was on the phone with someone. He was smiling, laughing and brightly talking about irrelevant things with the person. I asked who he was on phone with and he said it was a friend from high school and stories of how he met a colleague from high school and got her phone number from him and so on.

I didn’t believe it at all. It didn’t make any sense to me.

At night, I stayed awake to look through his phone. I saw that he sent his mum’s phone number to the girl and the frequent long minutes calls for about 4 days.

I cried myself to sleep that night.

In the morning, I asked him about it and he gave excuses that also didn’t make any sense to me.

I was so stupid because I believed him.

Fast forward, weeks later he always come home happy and different. I felt it was the girl again. I couldn’t go through his phone anymore because he changed his password.

One day, he told me he’s going to visit his mum two towns away and ofcourse thats the town the girl lives too. He was there for 3days. Those days there was no single call from him. He totally forgot about me.

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But as usual he had excuses to prove why he couldn’t call me.

All these finally became real when I saw their texts to each other of how many children they want, how large her breasts were, how beautiful her eyes were, how and what sex feels like, and so on.

I also discovered that he had been sending our hard earned savings to her.

I cried and cried, I even attempted suicide but realized how stupid that is after I saw my hand bleeding.

After some time, I calmed myself and called the girl, but what the girl told me shocked me. He told he had already broken up with me several months back – even though we were living together. And that he left me because of my bad behaviors.

Of course, the girl believed and was advising me to change and be a better person and sort of shits. I just laughed and laughed.

This is the first and hardest breakup I have ever had. I still cry secretly at times.

– Sender chose to be Anonymous

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  1. Eyah, I really do feel pity for her.

    It shouldn’t happen to anyone.

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