bride sponsoring the wedding

Is anything wrong with a bride sponsoring the wedding?

Our Vox-Pop segment returns this week, and we aren’t dealing with letters today (I can hear a breath of relief from some of you right now, lol). This time, we are returning to the timeline of beautiful and sweet Olubunmi Mabel who asked an interesting question about the rights or wrongs in a bride sponsoring the wedding. The question was raised sometime last week and it got some really good response, as expected.

As usual, we are presenting the question to you – so you can also contribute. What do you think about a bride sponsoring the wedding? Is it right or wrong? As a guy, will you let your woman take up that role? As a lady, are you willing to do this in place of your man? We have some interesting featured responses from Mabel’s timeline, but we will also appreciate your own unique response in the comments section below.

Consider some of the best responses we gathered:

Abisola Olatunji says Nothing wrong Sister. It is love that matters more. Women are HELPMEET NOT HELPMATE.

Dada Rhoda Omolade says The groom may take that good heart of the bride for granted, so…not good.

Mimi Okwara says Nothing wrong at all…NOTHING WRONG…if she can without stress and decides to. Else both of them should contribute to it. It’s his wedding…it’s her wedding.

Adedayo OlaOluwa Fisayo says Hehehe. I laugh at women clamoring for equality and still consider such matter as this for debate. Prove that we are equal. Open the door for us. Take us on a date. Pay for the wedding bills. Stay on top and do the thrusting during you-know-what.*winks

Nwemeh George Ebenezer says Not when am alive. Am insecure when it comes to issue like this. It is just an express way of loosing my head as a man biko.

Oribamise Michael Olamide says Sister, It’s into divisions. It can be done with the absence of the bride’s parent if only the bride knows the way out. Perhaps, She is financially OK because if the bride’s parent are to know, they will probably give it another meaning (though not all) but 80% of parents will do, most especially in Africa, Nigeria to be precise! The help might be seen to be nothing if only the two parties are matured enough to agree. But nevertheless, I see nothing bad in it though we give it different meaning. The one who has nothing today, might provide for entire family with ease tomorrow. Let’s wake up!

Kenny Disu says No. It’s not wrong as long as she was the one who knelt down to ask his hand in marriage.
Location : Nigeria (Black Country/ Black Mentality)
Year of our Lord : 2016
Post-Analysis Result : Possible but detrimental in the future.
1st disagreement with in-law
Mother-in-law: “After all, my daughter sponsored the wedding.”

Bukky Aragbaye says Actually, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. But first, perception and orientation has to change. Otherwise, the lady is bound to keep hearing ‘tales by moonlight” for the rest of her laif……

Olaniyi ‘Toye says What works for one, may not work for others. I think this has to do more with ‘What the right hand does, the left hand shouldn’t be aware’. If the ‘LOVE’ exists indeed between the two parties, i believe the third party need not know about it. Many of such happen, but we don’t know. And that’s simply because, no one knows! If the bride is ready to shoulder the bill, so be it. So long it’s between both of them. Did you just talk of being detrimental in future?? Well, only ‘LOVE’ will settle that.

Akinnawo Victoria says Irrespective of how financially buoyant the bride may be, the groom should ensure he contribute is quota as hard it may be. We can all say ‘if there is love, trust and God’s hands in it’ but is not that easy. Let the groom try raise fund too.

Olanrewaju Olubukola ‘Ozone’ says I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But I think it would be better – since she is financially buoyant and her husband isn’t – for her to indirectly sponsor the wedding by giving her husband the needed money/resources before the D-Day and let the husband be believed as the sponsor.
This would only be between the two of them and also, I think it will safe both of them some unwanted counsel while the husband’s dignity and readiness to start a family remains unquestioned.


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That’s the voice of the people, I implore the guru in you to settle this matter once and for all by dropping your comments below.


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