his brave stunt brought me love

His brave stunt at my job interview was the beginning of our love story

This story was featured again because we find it really interesting and rare. Are you looking for some extra inspiration to seize your opportunity with that lady (or guy) you love, here is something to ‘ginger’ you. Let us know in the comments box if you can pull the brave stunt Jeff pulled in this story. 

Please enjoy the story below.

I have been married to Jeffery for Ten years now, but I am yet to recover from the shock of the brave stunt he pulled-off on the day we first met. He has surprised me with many other things over the years, but this particular one remains evergreen, so I decided to share with GlowVille.

Here is my story: I was fresh out of NYSC and was called up for an interview in a firm (where I first worked). I tried to prepare to the best of my abilities and with some encouragement from my family and friends, I showed up at the firm full of optimism.

The interview was to start by 9:00 a.m but I was at the company by 7:45 a.m. There was only one person at the reception area, and it was Jeff. That was my first contact with him. He welcomed me courteously, initially thinking I was a customer who decided to turn up early. But I told him I had come for an interview, so we got talking. He told me he was the front desk officer, and asked me some questions which I answered as honestly as possible, without paying any special attention. He took me to the lobby where I was to sit and left to start his job for the day.

The other candidates came later, and the interview started around the stipulated time. Since I came first, I was first to be interviewed. At some point during the interview process, Jeff came into the room, went straight to the chief interviewer (my future boss) and said “You have to hire her!”. He went out almost immediately and a long silence ensued after. I managed to comport myself through the rest of the interview. When I got to the reception, Jeff was not there. Since I had other places to visit, I couldn’t wait for him – I really wanted to ask him why he did what he did – so I left, hoping somehow that Jeff had not destroyed my chances of getting the job with his crazy action (that was what I thought of it back then, lol).

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I did get the job eventually, but it had nothing to do with Jeff’s encouragement.

I later realized, after getting the job that Jeff was actually the head of finance, and an employee who enjoyed others’ goodwill. But my Boss made me realize that I performed well at the interview, and it was enough to get me the job. Jeff’s ‘brave’ stunt was just an icing on the cake.

I got the job, and became friends with Jeff. We started dating after my one year anniversary in the company, and got married much later. That was how I met my husband, and how his brave stunt contributed to me getting a job, and finding love.

– Ngozi. M

*This couple pleaded to remain anonymous. Hence, we were not allowed to post their real pictures*

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