How to Build Social Media Influence and Grow a Profitable Brand.

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According to Hootsuite, as at January 2017, there are over 2.789billion social media users across the world. That number grew by 21% from 2016 so it’s safe to project that by the end of 2018, another 500 million people should join the train. Cyberspace is more real now than ever. Thanks to the internet, we can transact business at the speed of light, hold meetings across international borders, keep In touch with loved ones and even make new friends; anything is now truly possible.

Social media has transformed from being just a feel-good part of the internet to a potent tool in the business landscape and in the hands of individuals. Your creative and purposeful use of social media potentially opens you up to a world of opportunities within and outside social media; there’s a lot of impact you could make, and a lot of money too.

Social Media Influencing is one of the new opportunities you can latch on to via the use of social media. It reflects a person’s ability to affect other people’s thinking in an online community. It goes beyond how many likes and comments your regular social media posts can garner (anyone can get that), it’s about how you can make people think and act in a certain way through your use of social media.

Influencing people, especially when they can’t see you is a serious job! That’s why social media influencing goes beyond just putting up a random post and having your friends laugh over it. It is about you establishing a place in the hearts of so many people, and getting them to lean in the direction you want. It requires knowing the right words to use per time, displaying great knowledge and wit, having the right persona, commanding respect, coming across as likeable, and connecting. Brands and businesses are actively engaging the services of social media influencers to help them share their stories with the online community as well as market their products and services.

The more influence you have on this space, the more your appeal. Companies, groups, brands, or individuals who want to promote their services, products or certain information about themselves will seek you out.

It becomes important to note, that there is a difference between popularity and influence. You can be popular on social media, but have little or no influence. It doesn’t take so much to get popular; I can get popular for getting married to a beautiful woman today and by tomorrow, the world has moved on to the next rave of the moment. When you build influence, popularity is secondary. Influence does not wane in a hurry, it’s built painstakingly, piece by piece and that’s why it lasts.

If your aim of reading this is to build influence, then you would have to patiently learn through the processes I have listed in this book.

The processes highlighted in this book have been distilled from years of practice. I have combined what I have learnt in my experience as a social media influencer with time tested lessons from other influencers who have generously shared their knowledge with me. I assure you that these steps work on any and every social platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube!

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