Black Woman Dating A White Man

5 Struggles You’d Understand As A Black Woman Dating A White Man

Due to the many free black dating sites available on the Internet, a black woman dating a white man became not only possible but more common. Gone are the days that Black women were treated as a low class in society. Gone are the days that if marry a Black woman or even man, they will go to prison. Black women now share almost equal rights with women of other races including dating however they want including white men.

However, despite the fact that the world is slowly accepting interracial relationships, there are things that still need to change to completely remove the racial barriers. As a matter of fact, there are things that a black woman dating a white man cannot avoid in their relationship. There are things that only a Black woman dating a White man will only understand and here five of them.

The Never-Ending Stares

Though interracial marriages are now legal throughout the United States, people are still having a hard time accepting interracial couples especially partnering between Black women and White Men. This is the case especially for those older people who had been alive during the mass discrimination for Black people throughout the country.

People will stare at you two weirdly and have a lot of thoughts running through their head. Some will even think that you two are not dating as if it is impossible for a Black woman to date a White man. They are that closed minded that they will even disregard your body language. That is why they are surprised to find out that you two are dating. Most of the time, it is disapproving looks not only from White people but also from your fellow Black people. Your fellow Black women will think your ambitious to date a White man.

Black Woman Dating A White Man Fetish

One of the stereotypical notions that a Black woman dating a White man faces is that she has a fetish for white-skinned bodies. People think that these women are creeps around their White boyfriends. They also think that just because you are currently dating a White guy, you only date White guys. This is not always the case because honestly, love and attraction see no color.

Black Woman Dating A White Man

Tackling Racial Issues

Let’s face the facts. A Black woman and a White man are really from the different sides of social perspectives. This means that sensitive topics about racism and discrimination may be tackled by both of you once in awhile. It is impossible to evade such topic since these issues always find their way to news headlines.

A Black woman expects her White partner to ask questions about these issue including her thoughts and feelings on the issues. He may also have a thought or two. But if the interracial couple is no longer bothered in talking about these issues, it only means that they had surpassed the racial awkwardness in their relationship. They had learned to be open-minded and comfortable with each other.

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Awkward Family and Friend Meetings

Every Black woman prays that the friends and family of her White boyfriend are not racists. However, every time she will meet them, she always feels scared and nervous especially if it is the first time they met. Black women sometimes wonder if the friends and family of their boyfriend think negatively about him for dating them.

There are also a lot of awkwardness if a black woman notices how she is very different from him and the other people in his life. This is one of the moments she is completely aware that she is with White people. There will be also times that even if his family and friends accept and try to empathize with her, there are things they will never understand because they are not Black.


The Way He Sees And Describes You

As a White guy dating a Black woman, there are many things that he gets confused about with his girlfriend. These things include her black afro hair, her dark skin, her behavior and the way she talks and interacts with others. There are times he will ask about it but there will be also times that he will just keep it to himself and just observe his girlfriend.

He also has a hard time describing you to his family and friends or to other people without sounding racist. A lot of White men usually skip out the part that their woman has dark skin to avoid being perceived as racist. He also feels awkward around his girlfriend when his family and friends make racist comments or jokes around her. He also finds it mind-boggling whether he should defend the Blacks or his own race in times of society quarrels. And the worst part of all, he knows very well that his Black girlfriend knows how he feels and what he thinks about these.


Do you know any more struggles black women deal with when dating white men? Share with us in the comments.


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