Black Market Husband and Black Friday Husband

Black Market Husband or Black Friday Husband?

It’s another Tuesday, and as usual we are looking at relationships from a lighter perspective. In previous editions, we have examined issues of Yoruba boys and Baby Mamas. Today, we return to the menfolk to discuss two types of men; Black Friday Men and Black Market Men.

Before we begin to analyse, it is salient that we explain the meaning of Black Friday and Black Market.

Black Friday is an annual event that originated from the United States in 1932, it is usually observed on the fourth Friday in November (after thanksgiving in the US) and it is a day where goods/services are heavily discounted and buyers can get good bargains. It is usually characterized by hourly flash sales (check Jumia and Konga for details). It is believed that many buyers save heavily towards this day.

Black Market is not a special event; it is a special situation. It stems from scarcity of a particular commodity in the open market. Thus, the few urchins who have it sell illegally to consumers at a higher price. More often than not, consumers are willing to buy. (See Nigeria’s fuel scarcity for details).

How then does these two concepts relate to men; our prospective husbands and fathers?

Popular Nigerian singer, Sound Sultan once released a song titled ‘Oko won l’ode’ meaning husbands are scarce. There is also a portion of the bible that talks about a time when there will be one man to twenty women. For some strange reasons, I think we are at that stage already. What’s more tragic is that the good and ready-made husbands are few, which is why we are examining the other kinds of men.

Who is a Black Friday Man?
This is a man who has remained too long as a bachelor, and is in dire need of a wife. He comes out shooting from all cylinders, sometimes lowering the standards (price) that kept him unmarried all the while, in a bid to attract a woman who will agree to become wifey.

These men are typically those who decided to pursue business/career first, and by the time they realized how old they were getting, they were already close to having grandchildren. So, they begin to look for a ‘lucky’ woman, when in fact, they are the ones who should be called ‘lucky’.

Another kind of Black Friday men are those who have suffered too many heartbreak, and they just want to find Mrs. Right as soon as possible. These men are desperate and will cling to the ‘first to agree’ even if she is not their taste because time is not on their side and they also can’t wait to experience a long and steady relationship.

These men are plenty out there, and you have to be able to look well in order to spot them. Some ladies are quick to categorise these men as Husband Materials (lol).

Truth be told, these men can be really caring and sweet (you already know why) but some of them can be cold (if you are unlucky) and very insensitive. They tend to believe you are lucky to get married to them; afterall, you wouldn’t even appear in the picture if they had married one of the earlier women who broke their hearts. Others can even say they were pressured to marry; they would have been better off as bachelors.

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It is different strokes for different folks. You may be lucky and you may be ‘luckier’ but that’s life, isn’t it? Bear your cross.

Let’s now talk about the Black Market Husbands. Hmmm… *sips coffee*

These men, like the fuel you get from the real black market, are unpredictable and highly volatile. They are like the goods that arrive from Belgium – you buy without testing. You only know what you have bought after getting home – but they don’t even come cheap. That’s the worst part.

The scarcity of husbands makes women sometimes compete heavily for men. And in their competition, they are totally blinded to the flaws of these men.

Black Market Husbands can be adulterous, lazy, dependent on their women for survival, lacking vision, dangerous and many more. But you may never know until you are married because you are blinded by love and/or the competition. It is parallel to the real life situation where people buy expensive urine as fuel all in the craze for something to run their vehicles. Same applies to women who unfortunately have to deal with Black Market Husbands.

These Black Market guys are some of the handsome men who have nothing else to offer asides their good looks. Women flock around them without caring about the extra baggage that comes with it – all they want is a CUTE man to marry. My sister, shine your eyes ooo.

The good side is what I have stated above – you get a good looking man to marry – but the bad part is that you don’t know him for real until you are married. Different strokes; you can be lucky or luckier.

Generally, if you are careful and set your values and priorities right, you should be able to spot these men early enough…

…but if push comes to shove and these are the two sets of men left to choose from, which will u pick? The Black Friday Husband or The Black Market Husband?

Let us know what you think.

It’s ME – SILICON – still in the business of making light issues of relationships.

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  1. hmmm, I think the black Friday guys are better.

  2. Hehe na wa o…dis is sm devil and d deep blue kinda situation o. Well, I guess black Fri wld be better

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