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Biggest mistakes grooms make in their weddings

Wedding is important for the bride as much as it is for the groom, but on countless occasions we have seen certain mistakes grooms make with etiquette in their weddings. These mistakes are what we have documented in this article to help our grooms develop better wedding etiquette.

Not getting the veil right.

Make sure you remove her veil correctly and not halfway. Or worse, we once heard about a groom who forgot to remove his bride’s veil before he kissed her!

Trying to be too smart.

If you can’t memorise your vows, it is alright to read them off a piece of paper. Even if you think you will remember them, always prepare a piece of paper just in case. Under that kind of pressure, your mind could go blank.

Not coming with a hanky.

Bring a handkerchief in case you get emotional. It’s not cool to wipe your nose on your sleeve. Also, if it’s a hot day, a hanky will come in handy.

Not watching out for your bride.

Her dress can be a bit difficult to walk in especially if she is wearing something bulky. Don’t step on her dress, go slow and pull out chairs for her. Try to bring her along when greeting your friends. We’ve seen grooms go solo from table to table at the reception, leaving their poor bride behind. Remember, this is not a drinking party.

Trying too hard.

If you really, really can’t sing, please don’t. You can always ask a friend to dedicate a song to your new wife on your behalf. People are obliged to clap, even when it’s bad. Also, avoid songs that go on for too long.

Not keeping her in the loop.

Since the brides are usually the ones planning the wedding, remember to tell her what your parents have requested. Don’t take things too lightly or it might seem to your parents that your new wife is ignoring their requests. If there’s something you are both not able to accommodate, tell your parents that you don’t think it’s a good idea and explain to them why. It’s always better if it comes from you, and you need to learn to protect each other in this journey.

Forgetting to behave yourself.

Don’t get so drunk that you can’t even walk back to your room. Throwing up everywhere and making your new wife stay up late to take care of you on your wedding night isn’t nice. Also, it’s better to wake up with a kiss than with a hangover.

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Not being there for her.

Even if she’s being a bridezilla and doesn’t want you to interfere in the wedding planning, try to help by fetching her around and asking if you can be there to help her carry stuff. Meet vendors together – you’ll be more excited about your wedding day if you are part of the planning process. You don’t want to be just as surprised as everyone else when the day comes.

It’s okay…or not okay?

If something is not okay, don’t keep saying it is because that will only make her angry. The fact is almost every bride has a dream wedding in mind so let her do all the prep she needs. If she’s getting out of control, just hold her tight and assure her that the most important thing is that you are both getting married to each other. Saying things like “It’s okay” and “Anything is fine” only makes you seem uninterested.

Starting a fight

No matter what happens, don’t start a fight, whether it is with your bride, parents, relatives or friends. Keep it for another day. It is really embarrassing and can totally change the mood and atmosphere of the whole wedding. You don’t want others to remember your big day for the wrong reasons.


We hope the coming grooms will take note of these things and avoid them in their weddings. It’s your big day, you definitely want to be at your best, so you can look back and be proud of yourself.


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