bestie of the opposite sex

No jokes! You should have a bestie of the opposite sex.

According to the dictionary, a best friend, commonly known as Bestie is that friend you are closest to, someone you know so well and regard with affection and trust. In recent times, the idea of having a bestie of the opposite sex has been flawed, and it would seem that two people of opposite sex can’t be platonic friends without one being made to feel like they are in the zone. In some other cases, people think friends of opposite sex are just a ticking time bomb, waiting for sexual explosion someday.  Contrary to popular opinion, having a bestie of the opposite sex can do you more good than harm. Here are 6 reasons you should consider keeping one, if you can. 

Your secrets are safe.

Telling your secrets to besties of same sex may sometimes feel awkward or unsafe because when there is a fall out they tend to spill it all out especially the female gender, but a bestie of the opposite sex holds your secret dear and wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt your feelings. Although we have besties of same sex who would also do this but more assuredly are those of opposite sex.

Ability to be yourself.

bestie of the opposite sex

When your best friend is from the opposite sex there is no competition or comparison between the both of you, instead you are able to express yourself as you want without holding back or having to pretend. You both stay open to each other and begin to see things you may never have seen before. It helps you pour out everything you hold about a particular issue or thing without the fear of being attacked or seen in a bad light.

You understand the opposite sex more

Having a best friend of the opposite sex helps you understand the opposite sex a lot more. You get to know why they do somethings, how they feel about certain areas and how they react to them, this reduces the way you criticize the actions of the opposite sex because you have a better understanding about their emotions, thoughts, actions and views. What more, they are usually the best people to advise you on matters concerning the opposite sex!

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First Hand Critic

Your best friend would be your first hand fan and critic, before the rest of the world gets to see your errors and jump at you with their criticism, he/she already sees them and is able to point them out to you and help you fine tune them to reduce the level of criticism you may incur. Also, they help see your positive progress as your first hand fan, supporting you and helping you grow at every stage.

Ready-Made Buddie

Your bestie is your ready-made buddie, one who hangs out with you whenever necessary. If you are looking for a movie date, lunch date, party date and you are still single, not to worry your bestie would be more than willing to accompany you and you are sure going to have fun. This doesn’t mean they are in the zone, it just means they are willing to give to your friendship and not expect anything romantic in return.

Dating Mr/Mrs Right

Having a bestie of the opposite sex means you both get to meet each other’s friends and spend time with them too. This could help you in meeting the right person for a relationship and your best friend who knows his/her friends well enough would give you the right advice on dating them, either a yes or no and also insights into how best to relate with him/her and win them over totally.

Above are just a few benefits of having a bestie of the opposite sex, look beyond the societal speculations and enjoy your friendship maximally, it works and it helps at the end of the day.

As written by Omolola Salami for Glowville Blog.

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