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The best criteria for a healthy relationship with your partner

Having a healthy and long term relationship with your partner is a dream for every couple. Little things that matter in building a healthy relationship are often ignored, and it leads to problems for the couple. To achieve a healthy relationship, you need to take time to understand each other’s needs, feelings and expectations.

Relationships work well when you both communicate perfectly and also support each other. However, there are lots of other criteria you need for a healthy relationship. They are highlighted below.

Healthy Relationship needs genuine attraction

Many people have the tendency to choose their partners on a whim or the suggestion of friends, family and cousins. It is important when you are searching for a partner to dig deeper into your personality and decide the kind of human being you can gel properly. Check your compatibility with the person whom you think is the right choice for dating and ultimately marrying. Choose person who is comfortable with you and vice versa. There must be a strong and genuine attraction between both of you. This attraction will see the relationship through, even when you are having a bad phase.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the main foundation of any successful relationship.  It means partners understand each other, and work with that understanding.  It’s important for you and your partner to show mutual respect in every way – physically, verbally and emotionally. When you lose respect for each other, abuse is inevitable.


Good communication and problem solving skills  

One of the important qualities a person should have good communication and problem solving skills. You need a partner who doesn’t have issues communicating with you, and is mature enough to think of solutions to problems when they arise. You really don’t want a partner who just likes to sulk when they should talk, do you?


Be honest with your partner  

For a healthy relationship you need to be honest with your partner. It could be sometimes difficult to be brutally honest with your partner, but doing it helps you build better bonds of trust. You need to learn to share everything with your partner and don’t have to hide anything from your partner. One of the best known antidotes of cheating is being totally open and honest with your partner. Keeping some details away, or keeping secrets promotes several other vices that could be dangerous to achieving a healthy relationship.


Spend more time with your partner  

A lot of people claim to be busy with their work life but when you are in a relationship, you automatically carry the responsibility of spending time with your partner. It all boils down to effective time management, and deliberate creation of time for things and people who matter to you. Your partner should get a fair share of time in your schedule. Syncing your free time with the timing of your partner is the best way to make things work in a long lasting relationship. And when you are with your partner, steer clear of distractions in order to effectively listen and create better bonds with them.

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Work on each other imperfections

For a healthy relationship you need to learn to accommodate and support each other’s deficiencies. There are no perfect people, but with the right support, we can strive towards perfection. You need to build your partner and not destroy them. Help them get better, and not bitter. Do not make it a habit of always giving a negative feedback on things your partner does not do properly. You can instead find a way to correct or adjust to their shortcomings.


Same goal for the future  

When you are in a relationship, you and your life partner’s future goals need to be in sync with each other. The first step to this is that both of you sit together and discus your future plans.  For example – marriage plans, children planning, financial planning and family planning. And also set your life goals together; long and short term.


Written by Dorothy W. Walker

Dorothy Writes is associated with interracialdatingcentral – one of the best interracial dating websites on the web. Interracialdatingcentral belives that couples should be provided with an opportunity to date without any inhibitions. Interracial couples and relationships should be socially accepted like any other relationship. We at try and bring together interracial couples on one platform and provide them much-needed relationship advice and guidance.

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