best break up lines

Best break up lines to use when you are tired of a relationship

Virtually all of us have heard — or even said — different lines as a way of ending a romantic relationship. The problem is that no break up line is ever good enough. This means that at first glance, it may be somewhat futile to search and find romantic or best break up lines. 

Is there really a way to make the break quick and easy for both of you with just a few words? Is it ever OK to lie when ending a romantic relationship? Can you just send an instant message to him or her that it’s over, or do you have to do it in person? How does one even coin best break up lines that would douse the tension and reduce the hurt?

Here’s some good news that might catch your fancy. We have decided to help you find some humour in breaking up, by compiling some hilarious or lighthearted  and ‘romantic’ break up lines (pardon the paradox, but it might just the best for the situation) you can employ in ending that relationship.

Trust me, he/she won’t cry, you won’t feel bad afterwards too. Win-win, isn’t it? Lol.

Hey, you are about to get shocked, surprised or anything else…don’t forget that it’s lighthearted Tuesday on GlowVille, and we are just here to have fun. So read, enjoy, apply, and let us know the outcome in the comments section.

best break up lines


 1) You saw me sweeping my room and you never cared to collect the broom and finish the sweeping. It’s over!

2) You don’t bend properly when you sweep, you will have pride issues, and I cannot marry a proud woman. It’s over! .

3) Did you just call me “honey”? You are trying to say my mum is a Bee? We’re done! It’s over! .

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4) Baby, my mum says that there are a lot of witches in your village so we can’t go out anymore. It’s over! .

5) You smiled at that guy in the car while we were trekking. It’s over! .

6) You don’t use my picture as your profile picture, it’s over! .

7) You cooked the eggs instead of boiling them, it’s over! .

8) You hugged me instead of kissing me. It’s over! .

9) Anytime you enter my house, network disappears. it’s over! .

10) I gave you six eggs and told you to boil 3 and fry 3, you boiled the wrong 3 and fried the wrong 3. IT IS OVER!!!


This is meant to be a hilarious piece, don’t take it too personal please. Lool.

Share your best break up lines with us.

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  1. This is funny. You can also tell can play ball, its over

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