Being Single is not a Status that should get you worried

“ Single is not a status . It is a word that describes  a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on other ” – Anonymous

Don’t be afraid to be alone, there is nothing wrong with being single!

It is fact that most people go into relationship as a form of escape from loneliness. They are scared of being alone and the thought of not being into any relationship scares them that they open their heart to anyone that comes their way.

We fear being without a partner. We fear taking on life without help. We fear travelling in strange places. We fear choosing our own path when it means we walk alone. The thought of being alone scares us so much that we sometimes find ourselves in relationship that are not defining, not fulfilling… and we settle for it.

Being single is not a bad situation, being single is empowering.

It gives you time to discover yourself; an opportunity of  growth, a time to get to know yourself better. You develop strength that you need, things you never thought yourself capable of. You see a new beauty in yourself as you learn something new.

Learning to be okay with someone does not mean you can’t be in any relationship.  But if you are not okay being alone, if you cannot find joy and happiness in your space, then being in a relationship is going to be fundamentally flawed. Why? Because you become so dependent, you will need the other person to provide virtually everything for you. He attends to your emotional need, you need the other person to pay attention and give you the love and comfort that you need, you crave validation every now and then. Needing these things are nice but it could also mean you become needy, desperate and it will wear out the other person in the long run.

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Learn to be okay being alone. Learn to enjoy the beauty of life being alone. Find yourself, discover your inherent abilities. Learn that you are okay without anyone coming to “complete” you. Once you have got that down, you are in a much better place to be in a relationship.

Sometimes, it is better to be alone than to be in a company. And when you decide to get down with someone, do so because you are truly better off with the person. Don’t do it because you are scared of being single.

Solitude can be a scary thing but it can also be a joyful thing. Get to know yourself. Do things. Explore life. Discover hidden parts of yourself and the world around you.

Be at peace with yourself first, then you can bring peace to others.


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