my beautiful prince by Precious Abatan

MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCE by Precious Abatan

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by Precious Abatan


Who has seen my prince?
The one who in my heart dwells;
He who controls my emotions;
The one who dominates my thoughts.

In his eyes are words untold;
Words that speak the language of the heart;
His arms like rods of gold;
His voice like a soothing balm,
A soothing balm to the sores of my  emotions;

His stares leave me nervous and apprehensive;
They join my lips in holy matrimony;
He sounds my name like musical notes;
His winks make my heart skip doublebeats.

He crawls into my dreams every  night;
Like a big immortal creature;
He smiles at me dangerously;
Building bumps on my dark skin;

I wait for that glorious day;
When he would stare into my eyes;
And together, we’ll stroll down the   aisle;
And live to leave no more.

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