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Why every guy should join the beard gang!

I once shared on social media that I wanted beards and the reaction that followed from my friends made me step back and ask; ‘Is it really essential for a man to keep beards to feel he is a man? What’s all the fuss behind joining the beard gang? Why do some women have a special love for men with beards and some others just hate to love it or love to hate it?  

Here is my opinion about keeping beards and why I have decided to join the beard gang.

beard gang

Many things make a REAL MAN; some of them are courage, strength, reliability, responsibility, charisma, being self-assured and of course, BEARDS! A lot may not agree with me on that, but let’s face it. Your beards, by itself, carries the ability to speak for itself.  It also lays testament to the power, status, wisdom and style of the man who carries it. It has a pre-eminent power that demands respect and we all know that men with beards carry a certain air of cultured, refined finesse and know what they want, where they are going and how to get there.  Need I also remind you that it’s not the man that makes the beard but, rather, the beard that makes the man. Without beard, a man is twice more likely to look like an effeminate wimp! Lol. that’s me joking.

In the romantic sense, 99.99% of women love beards! (Yes, some of them form, but they really do). 

beard gang

There’s a certain sparkle in the eyes of a woman who lays her eyes on the bearded man; she’s intrigued, entranced and drawn to it like a moth to a candle flame. Even women that proclaim that they don’t like beards can’t help but be interested in them; they want to touch them, stroke them, possibly frolic in them. To them, it opens a new vista of exploration.

beard gang

The real truth is that the bearded men are fortunate and have a huge advantage with the opposite sex. Not only does your beard exude masculinity and power but women are used to the hairless androgynous males of today and when a man with a beard enters the room, he fills it with his presence, and immediately all attention is on him. Beard gang rocks!

Take this for an example:

A study conducted by the University of New South Wales found that beards drastically affect the socio-sexual attributes of a man and how women perceive the said man. The study had women and men view pictures of various men during 4 different stages of beard growth; clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble and full beard. The conclusion was that women perceived heavy stubble as the most attractive but perceived the full-bearded men as more reliable, better fathers and better protectors. They also found that the masculinity increased linearly with beard size. 

beard gang

Actor Aaron Ruell with and without a beard

Keeping beards also has health benefits too! 

The University of Southern Queensland did a study to find out how much of an effect beards have on the amount of UV radiation that reaches our skin from the sun. The astonishing result, which was published in the Journal of Radiation Protection Dosimetry, found that up to 95% of UV radiation was blocked by bearded faces. This means that grand beards have a direct effect on the prevention of basal-cell carcinomas (which happens to be the most common form of cancer) and it is interesting to consider that 4 out 5 cases of skin cancer in men occur on the face, head or the neck. Not only does a beard have a direct effect on minimizing cancer but it also keeps you young.

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beard gang

Do you know that the sun is also to blame for up to 90% of the visible signs of ageing and thus, if you have a decent face carpet, your skin will be kept looking young and vital. Gosh, just keep beards! it’s simple.

After reading this, do you still think it’s a bad idea to join the beard gang? Let us know what you think about keeping beards.



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  1. So a man without beard is nt calling a man but half man or shld i say sisi.

  2. So a man without beard is nt worth calling a man but half man or shld i say sisi.

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