Basic things girls need in a relationship


It is not enough to ask a girl out, and attain the title of boyfriend, fiance or husband; there is more to that title. It is basically about fulfilling the obligation accrued to that title. So, on behalf of the ladies, I have decided to go over your job description again by telling you the Seven basic things girls need in a relationship.

A lot of times I have gotten into arguments with masculine folks bothering on how ladies are generally very complex beings. They (these guys) usually go a step further by saying ladies are even worse to understand when in a relationship. I have tried over and over again to convince guys that women aren’t all that ‘complicated’….well, not so much. You just have to the know the basic things girls need in a relationship.

This is it guys, ladies have NEEDS! We want a lot of things, Lord knows we do, but there are some things that we do not just want but actually need, especially from our partners. Let me list a few below, they might not be all your lady needs but trust me dear, they sure will come in very handy.


Pretty much everyone, male and female alike needs this. For ladies, it goes a step further. They don’t just want to hear those words “I love you” they want to actually feel it. You may think you already do enough to make her feel that way but honey, but have you taken time to understand how she feels about what you do? Do you think she feels loved the way she wants to be loved. Ever heard of the term LOVE LANGUAGE? Well, sweet heart you need to know and understand your partner’s love language. This is in itself a very broad topic. We will talk about it sometime, yea? So basically, study your partner, know what makes her feel loved and simply DO THEM.


Boy oh boy, I tell you, every woman craves this almost as must as I crave Strawberry flavoured ice cream with toppings…. And honey I have to tell you that craving is huge. Please beat down on the “I was too busy to reach out or come see you” excuses. It may come up once in a while but it would be really cool to keep it at the minimum. Give your lady a good dose of your time, and watch the magic happen.


Don’t raise those eyebrows on me bro, come on now, everyone loves to have money don’t we? So, just because we look our for a financially capable/responsible guy doesn’t equate being materialistic! Get it right.

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A lady needs to be able to go on trips, sleep with both eyes closed because she isn’t worried you’re cheating on her. Don’t just say “Oh baby, I’m not cheating ” You actually shouldn’t.


I could say this over and over again and not be accused of repetition. Appreciate your woman, a little compliment here and there will not kill you. Tell her she’s pretty, call on a random day, call her just to say thank you for being herself. Trust me, you can do no wrong in her eyes this way.


Apart from just being lyrics of a song for ladies, the seven-lettered word is VERY important to ladies. Now I know you are the man and you need all the respect there is in the world but I tell you, take that lady for granted and watch her walk away. She needs it; give it to her and see how well she reciprocates.


Every woman is low key desiring a man that would support her dreams. Most men today are content with pursuing their own dreams and leaving the women to fend for themselves. But trust me, if as a guy, you give so much support to your woman’s dreams and help her climb the ladder, she will hold you dear for the rest of her life. Just like respect, support is reciprocal. You can be one of those rare guys, you can begin to think of how to support bae’s dreams today.

Do all of these and I tell you, you are on your way to a blissful relationship/marriage. I look forward to hearing your success love stories.

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